Playing Monopoly In Europe

A few days ago there was an Attempt on Angela Merkel’s life in Prague in the Czech Republic when a man tried to ram her motorcade with a black Mercedes during a state visit.

Although the British and Russian press covered the story, there is a total blackout about it in the leftist German MSM. Only a few bloggers picked it up.

Merkel faced noisy anti-Islam protestors in Prague who disapproved of her refugee and open border politics.

The other day the anti-immigration youth movement known as the “Identitäre Bewegung” (Identity movement) had a peaceful demonstration at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The “Morgenpost” newspaper of Dresden and Chemnitz in Saxony were caught out that they Photoshopped the peaceful demo and added Nazi flags and some dark scaly characters into the pictures which were later again removed.

Every day the German newspapers report that the amount of refugees streaming over the borders are getting less and that in the next year it will “dwindle” to only 400,000, about a third of the previous year.

However, what they are not saying is that the refugees do not even have to come to Germany… The German government flies them in with airplanes landing during the night when everyone is in bed.

The truth about Merkel’s mass refugees being flown in with charter flights during the night

To fool the German public more, they are being smuggled during the summer holiday break and in between Turkish and other Near East passengers. The Cologne-Bonn airport reported on the 8th of August an increase of 185,000 passengers in comparison to the same month last year; an increase of 18%.

On top of it the German Government has a program which allows those Muslims already in the country to automatically bring their family members in and those then, THEIR closest family members, etc, ad infinitum.

In the meantime, 130,000 refugees have slipped away under the radar in Germany and are unaccounted for…And they wonder where the terrorist attacks come from.

The secret night flights: How the German government secretly smuggle in thousands of Syrian refugees without their citizens knowing it

Lying Merkel: Germany’s Secret Night Refugee Flights

The Germans are living in fear. The shops are all out of pepper spray and tazing devices. People are openly admitting on television that they are sleeping with pepper spray next to their beds. The government has warned people to stock up food and water for ten days…Shit is about to hit the fan bigtime.

It becomes obvious to the simplest of minds that there are some clear cut objectives here…dare I say a conspiracy. Let me show you how it is going to be in the short European future. It goes like this:

Lend money to the fanatical Islamists and cause the rise of ISIS (think where all those fancy Toyota Bakkies come from with all those fancy weapons on top?).

This will cause a flood of Muslim refugees into Europe and these Muslims will go on a rampage doing what they have always done for hundreds of years; Rape and pillage.

Let the Europeans now spend all their money trying to deal with the problem and let it cause an economic meltdown.

Let the Europeans get so pissed off that they start a crusade against the Arab world for which they now have no money. Now switch sides, stop funding ISIS and lend money to the Europeans. Let them take over all the oil under Arab control.

Call in all debts and take over all the oil fields and if the Europeans have no more money to pay back, take compensation in the form of controlling shares in all their factories, banks, and businesses.

Final result: Total control of all of Europe, all of the oil in the Middle East and couple that with the control you already have over all the gold and diamonds and other minerals in South Africa…and you will have full control of the world. Declare a Single World Government, a single global police force, and a worldwide enslaved populace.

Where did we see this before?

The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Warburgs (CFR, RIIA) funding and lending money to Hitler and building him up taking control of Europe.

Once he was strong, they provoked a war and switched sides. Hitler tried to seize the Baku oil fields in Russia/ Azerbaijan and now found that his former funders were funding his enemies (Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt). Eventually, he ran out of resources. No more oil, no more military adventures. Defeat.

After the war, Britain had to pay back all the money Churchill borrowed from the international bankers to defeat Hitler. Money they did not have.

Overnight went all their colonies and their accompanying mineral rights. Churchill sold away the British Empire.

Stubborn idiot white South Africans thought they were special and could hold out against the greed of the “Hoggenheimer” Randlords and International bankers.

Suddenly the same machine kicked in. Starting the funding of white South Africa and lending them money to build schools, houses and hospitals for all the blacks.

Then you give them weapons and provoke a war in Angola. Now stop funding them, stop giving them weapons and switch sides funding their black enemies and giving THEM weapons after you have convinced them of bullshit idealistic crap such as Ubuntu and Communism.

Let your world mass media vilify the “racist” whites. Drive them into a corner and let them hand over power to the Blacks.

Once the blacks are in charge, they have to repay the money lent to them to get to power…which you know they won’t have.

Take control of their gold, platinum, copper, gold, iron ore and other vital minerals. Drive the whites out and take control of all their banks, businesses and factories. Drive the whites off their farms and take control of their food. Take control of all their fishing rights. Now you have control of the entire food supply for the entire Africa and the uppity once get starved to death.

Take control of their beloved sports such as Rugby and cricket. Break their spirit, their morale and their hope and they will never fight back.

…And so I can go on. It doesn’t matter what ideology is in charge; Communism or Capitalism. It doesn’t matter which race; black or white…The name of the game is Full Control.

Throughout history, you see the same pattern over and over again. First, fund the one side and build them up. Then turn against them and fund the other side. Once they have destroyed each other lend them more money to build themselves up again. When they cannot pay back, take control of their resources and enslave them.

Always the same pattern. Always the same role-players and the same names behind the scenes popping up. Not a conspiracy theory…a Conspiracy fact.

At the end of the day, we are all in the same boat. Victims of a Satanic Cult seeking control. The name of the game is Monopoly and the ultimate prize is full control of the entire world and an enslaved human race.

But all is not lost. These bastards are always operating in the dark because they are scared that we are going to find out what they are up to. That is their biggest fear: Discovering the conspiracy and the role-players in it. That is why the media in Germany, South Africa and the world, in general, try to hide what is really going on because the day we discover our own strength, see how pathetically few and weak these bastards are and start fighting back, is the day they will lose all control. To them, this equals Hell. For us, it will be almost heaven.

By Mike Smith

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