Pigeons Are Being Used To Smuggle Drugs

News agencies in Kuwait are reporting that a homing pigeon was caught with a tiny backpack attached to it’s body. The backpack contained 178 pills, according to Al Arabiya. Apparently, local authorities followed the bird as it flew through Iraq, then captured it after it crossed their border.

Although the type of pills the bird was carrying is unknown, a Twitter post featured a picture of the bird with it’s “cargo,” and it claimed that the pills were ecstasy.

It reads: “Police catch a pigeon with 200 ecstasy pills hidden in a little backpack.”

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Police catch a pigeon with 200 ecstasy pills hidden in a little backpack

According to Al Arabiya, the bird was caught by customs agents above a building near their department.

There is a history of pigeons making narcotics deliveries. In 2015, a bird was caught flying cocaine and weed into a prison in Costa Rica. In Bosnia in 2008, officials found four convicts who tested positive for drugs. They determined that the convicts, who looked after a pigeon-house in the facility, had access to a bird that came from the outside. It apparently brought them heroin and cocaine in small bags attached to its legs.

By:   Kat Shepherd

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