Petition to Make The Cape a Federal Homeland State for Afrikaner Khoi-San, Coloured and European people

Please sign this petition to Make The Cape a Federal Homeland State for Afrikaner Khoi-San, Coloured and European people in Southern Africa to protect them and their unique heritage.

The Cape has a long history which sets it apart from South Africa. It is the traditional homeland for Khoi-San bushman people, the Cape Coloureds and Malays, the Afrikaner Dutch and Germans, as well as Huguenots from France and Settlers from Britain etc, etc.

Ever since the arrival of the Europeans in 1672 it has grown and developed into a unique nation with its own language (Afrikaans), vibrant cultures and traditions and even gave birth to a new ethnic identity, the “coloured or brown people”. It also has a robust economy, the proceeds of which all go to the centrist ANC regime in Johannesburg with very little coming back because the Cape is not in the power of the communist ANC. (The opposition DA party are in power – sadly the DA also have centrist national ambitions so their loyalty is not with the Cape.)

Sadly, this black supremacist African National Congress and it’s silent passenger, the South African Communist Party, is doing everything in it’s power to destroy the unique heritage and identity and populations and cultures and even languages of this region, in order to force them into the centrist communist state that South Africa has become.

Bantu (black) Africans, which have NO historic claim or occupation of the Cape, are coming in, and deliberately being brought in, by the millions to overpower and colonise the South Western tip of Africa. In the past 3 decades alone these “immigrants” have gone from being a very small minority to being a majority and are completely changing the nature and character of the Cape with examples of destruction of the local language, traditions and cultures witnessed every day. (European settlers only encountered Black tribes 140 years AFTER they arrived in the Cape at the Fish and Kei river, where the grasslands for the black herders ended!)


South Africa has 12 Languages and Nations forced together in a volatile mix that is falling apart every day. It is the Murder and Rape capital of the World! (45 Murders per day! A rape every six seconds!) Something MUST be done! YOU must do something to stop this madness and wholesale slaughter!

Furthermore, the marxist ANC regime refuses to acknowledge the Khoi-San bushman as the First Nation, to comply with the United Nations demand to declare them as an indigenous people. They have refused this for over a decade.

By signing this petition you help to take that refusal out of the hands of the corrupt, power hungry, dictatorial ANC. The South African constitution already has a clause 235 which makes room for Self Determination or Devolution of power where the majority population desires it.

We propose that the Western Cape and Northern Cape be formed into a Federal Afrikaner State for Coloured, Khoi-San and European populations within the South African Republic (any other suggestion is deemed illegal and will get us thrown in jail for sedition!).

We would like to include the Eastern Cape but it has already been invaded, conquered and colonised to the extent that it would put the rest of the Cape at risk. (“Democracy” has no safeguards against influx of “immigrant” populations).

Let us show the ANC / SACP and the World, that the will of the people from the Cape is for a civilised, free, fair and safe society with Western standards and the rule of law with mutual respect, beyond their greedy, corrupt, destructive and despotic reach…

Please share, the people of Southern Africa need your help again!

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