Pensioner survive brutal attack after attackers smashed her face with a rock

Gonubie pensioner Jeanette Walsh, 79, recovers from surgery at Life ST Dominic’s hospital after attackers smashed her face with a large rock while she was driving in the area this week

An East London pensioner is recovering in hospital following facial surgery after she was hit with a rock in the face during a robbery while driving in Gonubie this week.

The right side of her face had to be reconstructed by a maxillofacial surgeon after her jaw and cheekbones were broken in the brutal assault.

Speaking from her hospital bed yesterday, Welsh, said she could not remember anything about the attack which occurred at 12.30pm on Monday after she dropped her domestic helper off at the edge of Mzamomhle.

“I was driving out [of the access road to Mzamomhle] towards Gullsway Road and I slowed down because there was a speed bump. I don’t remember seeing anybody on the road or anything suspicious.

“I must have blacked out when I was hit because the next thing I knew I was waking up and there was glass all over the place.

“I had driven into a barrier on the side of the road. I was stunned,” she recalled.

Welsh said she instinctively drove away from the scene and back home.

“My key was still in the ignition but the remote attached to it was stolen.

“I could feel something was wrong with my face and when I touched it, I saw the blood,” the pensioner said.

When Welsh, who lives alone in a complex, arrived home a few minutes later, a concerned neighbour helped her get to the doctor and then to hospital.

Source: Dispatch Live


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