Ongoing Civil Unrest Is Exactly What Elites Want To Activate ‘Global Police’ (Video)

Martial Law Milwaukee

A long time ago, In his 1777 book titled, The American Crisis, Thomas Paine famously wrote, “These are the times that try men’s’ souls…” At this point in our nation’s history, I can’t help but wonder how many Americans would be saying the exact same thing if they had even the slightest idea of how much there is for their souls to be concerned about. Sadly, however, most Americans have no clue. Thanks to a ridiculously corrupt political establishment, disastrous education system and a horribly corrupt and dishonest mainstream media, Americans are being led like just like sheep to their very own slaughter. 

Under the stewardship of none other than Barack Obama, aka “the country’s first post-racial president,” the United States has come down with a very serious illness… a terminal form of cancer if you will… and like most forms of cancer, the tumor is spreading. The cancer I am referring to is not just a lack of information or valuable knowledge, but being force fed lies in place of that valuable knowledge. If something is not done soon to arrest the growing cancer’s growth, the United States as we’ve known it will cease to exist soon. What we’ll be left with, is a nation that will make the country depicted in George Orwell’s 1984 look like a Top 10 vacation destination. 

During Obama’s two terms as President, the United States has transformed from a constitutional republic, into a something closely resembling a banana republic, where the rule of law no longer governs. As you’ll see in the first video below with scenes from Milwaukee this past weekend, behavior that was once considered “unthinkable” in a civilized society, has now become not only “ordinary,” but has also become “rationalized,” or politicized by many within the Washington cartel. 

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What you’re about to see has actually become so ordinary in American society, that our own mainstream media never looks any deeper into any of the behavior you’ll see captured below, other than to cover the occasional snapshot or sound bite that furthers their own ideological beliefs.

Listen to these people in the video below. Listen to their hate, and consider how misinformed they are. Once again, a city has been destroyed over what appears to be a justifiable police shooting based on all accounts thus far. None of that matters, though. What matters is that the people advancing the false narratives that drive such deep hatred have pockets as deep as deep goes… and they’ll keep advancing the narratives until something finically breaks… 



The purpose of this post is to convey to the American people how much danger they are in, and why now is the time to begin preparing for a wide range of unpleasant circumstances ranging from a global economic slowdown or collapse, all the way to massive domestic civil unrest that is aided and fueled by many within our own government for the purpose of acting as a catalyst to declare Martial Law. 

At this point in our nation’s history, the so-called “perfect storm” is gathering tremendous strength as very dangerous social and economic trends continue to interact with one another, and in some instances are even being fueled by the very people and agencies tasked with keeping the country safe.

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In the following video, I propose what Americans should be fearful of, and why they should begin making preparations for their families right now (if they aren’t already), for what are sure to be very uncertain and very dangerous times ahead. Among the topics covered that people should be fearful of include:

1. What is a “Global Police Force” that supersedes our own Constitution doing on U.S. soil?

2. Under what authority does the “Global Police Force” purport to be operating?

3. What type of “danger” is the “Global Police Force” allegedly seeking to prevent?

4. How can we tell that everything we’re told about the “Global Police Force” is a total sham?

As evidence that this country has reached the brink, and is at the tipping that people should rightfully begin to expect the government to start implementing many of the contingency plans they’ve passed so much legislation for in recent years, look no further than some of the venom spouted in Milwaukee this past weekend including words like:  

“Is she white? Where is she? Get they ass… Fu** that bit** up…”

“Hey yo, they beating up every white person… He white… beat his shi** Beat his sh**.” 

“They beat somebody ass. Look, they beat somebody ass… look…  look bro look… oh, look ya’ll… oh my God, oh my God… look….”

Those remarks were not causal subconscious slips. Those are words of deep seeded hatred. You don’t need to be Dr. Phil to know that. First, the world watched as Ferguson burned, and did so over a false narrative that was planted by Barack Obama and Eric Holder personally. Then, the world watched as Baltimore rioted over what also turned out to be a false narrative planted by people within out own government.

Watch the video above a second time, or re-read some of the quotes if you must, but be sure you understand this: A lot of money went into developing, fostering, and eventually continuing to throw rocket fuel on the hate you are seeing, and it’s all been done for a reason… here it comes:

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