Of Rogues And Snakes – The Leftist Media, The ANC Spooks And The SARS Smear Campaigns

I make no secret of what I feel for anybody working for the ANC in the armed forces or police, especially white people.

Joiners, hensoppers, and traitors, the lot of them, especially the ones who first worked for the Apartheid government and then changed sides overnight to join the ranks of the terrorist ANC scum. I always get a feeling of Schadenfreude when it eventually comes back to bite them in the buttocks.

Take the new book by former SARS group executive Johann van Loggerenberg – a former Apartheid police undercover agent – “ROGUE The inside story of SARS’s elite crime-busting unit.”

Book about SARS paints damaging view of media

Van Loggerenberg, who was an investigator at SARS for 16 years,  believes the ANC, The Hawks and the State Security Agency (SSA) used the media, in particular, the Sunday Times, to disseminate their information in what appeared to be a planned and targeted attack and smear campaign on him and other people who were doing investigations at SARS.

Funny enough, the book came about after his own love affair with Belinda Walter, a Pretoria lawyer defending the scum in the illegal tobacco mafia he was investigating, crashed and she told the police he told her all the details about his investigations into people like Lolly Jackson, Julias Malema, Radovan Krejcir, Glen Agliotti and of course the illicit tobacco industry, which is a criminal offence.

Love affair rocks SARS

…It was a Godsend to the ANC who went for the jugular as their Machiavellian propaganda machine kicked in.

The bastards at the Sunday Times then ran more than 30 articles within less than two years on a so-called “rogue unit” in SARS that supposedly spied on ANC scum who were stealing taxpayer’s money and who were in cahoots with various mafia groups. They also used Radio 702’s John Robbie who interviewed Bilinda Walter and repeated all her rubish about a “Rogue Unit”.

Van Loggerenberg writes that when he looks back at what happened, he thinks about apartheid-era STRATCOM (police strategic communications).

Stratcom allegedly paid journalists to plant or advance stories, placed journalists in media houses, issued leaks and rumours, and put together seemingly credible dossiers and stories – all aimed at discrediting someone.

Stratcom’s got nothing on the ANC, Boet…Remember that most of the ANC’s current spooks were trained by the East German Stasi and many were double agents working for the ANC and the Apartheid government at the same time like former defence minister Joe Modise.

Nevertheless, there had been dossiers and allegations claiming that Van Loggerenberg, the Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, and former SARS deputy commissioner Ivan Pillay were racist, were opposed to President Jacob Zuma, had entered into unlawful tax settlements, spied on taxpayers, and intercepted communications all whilst “running a brothel”…

…JA, JA…no need to get carried away and overdo it now, boys.

Nevertheless…This is what happens when you discover the theft of Taxpayer’s money at SARS and it being run like a Mafia organization and in cahoots with other mafia organizations…You and your family will be character assassinated like you won’t believe.

Meanwhile, it was discovered that the real thieves at SARS were SARS # 2 in command Jonas Mkwakwa and his girlfriend Kelly-Ann Elskie who is the mother of at least two of his children and who also works for SARS. However when his boss and the #1 at the South African Revenue Service (SARS) commissioner Tom Moyane received a damning report about the theft from a banking regulator detailing suspected fraud and money laundering relating to 75 cash deposits into the bank account of his second in command, he seemed to have sat on the report for three months. Now Moyane faces jail himself

Nevertheless, things at SARS are hotting up and getting interesting.

It is not just a can of worms; It is a whole chest of snakes that were opened and it is only a matter of time when the entire SARS house of cards comes tumbling down and we can see how these ANC scumbags and their goons have been stealing our taxpayer’s money. That is why I have no problem with anybody withholding taxes from these criminals and I will even encourage it.


Van Loggerenberg’s version that the “rogue unit” never existed and was created to discredit the work they had been doing targeting organised crime was in some ways borne out when the Press Ombudsman ruled that the Sunday Times had violated the press code.

On April 3, the newspaper’s editor Bongani Siqoko published a full page article saying they were retracting some of the facts they published on Van Loggerenberg, Pillay, and the rogue unit.

But this is how propaganda works. Throw a lot of shit and hope some will stick. What use is a retraction? The damage has been done.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. A few years ago it was discovered that the ANC was driving “brown envelope journalism” when Cape Argus reporter Ashley Smith confessed that he took money from the ANC to write favourable articles

Between R10million and R53million of taxpayer’s money were blown on such bribes of journalists like Ashley Smith and Joe Aranes.

Nevertheless, Van Loggerenberg’s book paints a damaging picture of journalism and the media being used by State organizations to character assassinate opponents.

The head of the Journalism School at Stellenbosch University, Lizette Rabe, said journalists should at all costs guard against being used to further certain political aims.

“Always question why you are getting information,” Rabe said.

Rabe said it was vital for the media not to lose integrity and credibility.

A bit late for that, don’t you think Prof?

By Mike Smith
26th of September 2016

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