Noble Savages Gone Nuts – Just Another Farm Destroyed

If you have read Dr. Phillip du Toit’s book, “The Great South African Land Scandal”, then the story below is just another in a string of hundreds of farms, confiscated by the Government and handed to blacks who destroyed it.

Land reform model fizzles

Here are some excerpts:

Nelspruit (Mbombela) – A macadamia farming project by young farmers, which has been hailed by the government as a model for land reform projects, is on the verge of collapse. In 2011 five aspirant Mpumalanga farmers acquired the 65-hectare farm worth R5.35 million.

But five years on, the business situated in Schagen, 30km from Mbombela, is collapsing – with the young farmers accusing provincial rural development and land reform officials of sabotaging their project by starving it of resources and support services.

[See? It is never their fault. Always someone else to be blamed. Always wanting everything handed to them free of charge.]

The Insimu Yami Cooperative … now faces liquidation by debtors. The electricity is already switched off due to non-payment of a whopping R2.8 million bill, and criminals are stealing from the property piece by piece…the bank may soon attach the farm because of the outstanding loan repayments.

“The value of the farm is depreciating. The trees are dry … Workers refuse to work without pay. We signed a contract with Spar to supply them with chicken, but all of that is gone,” Mondlane lamented.

[Tja…this is what happens when you allow the hyenas to take over the Pridelands.]

By Mike Smith
26th of September 2016

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