No Protests Please; We Are Afrikaners

“This is a technique of Combat. It is a substitute for War and other violence.” – Gene Sharp

Friday’s stay-away and protests were music to my eyes. About 200,000 South Africans countrywide voiced their objection to the criminal gangsters masquerading as a legitimate regime ruining South Africa. If one takes it that for every protestor there were probably ten sympathizers not protesting on the streets, then I would say it was a good start.

So before I voice my opinion of the apathetic majority who did NOT protest, just a personal thank you to all of those in and out of South Africa who DID protest on Friday.

I don’t think people realize how far we have actually come, especially the whites of South Africa and even more specifically the Afrikaners.

Take for instance the whites who were robbed, raped, tortured and murdered in their homes and on their farms for the last 23 years under ANC criminal misrule. You would think that such people would stand up, fight back and let their voices be heard. Not a f**k!

How many times did Dr Dan Roodt, Steve Hofmeyer or Sunette Bridges try to get these people to march against crime and farm murders? How many people were they able to muster? Three hundred? A thousand? Maybe on a good day 2000? This apathy of Afrikaners, but whites in general, is a serious thorn in my side.

Last week, before the mother of all stay-aways and protests against Zuma, I had many readers, friends and family telling me that they were not going to protest and they were not going to stay away. They expressed their sympathy, but that was it. Some had excuses that their jobs were of such a nature that they could not stay away.

I think that is what all apathetic losers tell themselves to make themselves feel better.

The call was not to do much. In fact nobody expected them to stick their necks out at all. All they had to do was…well, NOTHING.

They couldn’t even do that. They couldn’t collectively do NOTHING and stay away from work. They could not even give the economy a tiny little Angina attack.

Imagine if they could stay away for a week…the whites of this country make up the engine, the heart of the economy. If they simply collectively stay away and do nothing for a week it will be the equivalent of a heart attack. You will bring the country to a standstill. There will be no lights, no water, no medical services…nothing. The regime cannot survive it. Dick-tator Zuma and the ANC will fall.

On the other side there were the openly hostile ones whose excuse was that they did not vote “YES” in the 1992 referendum so that absolved them from all future involvement in any attempt to get rid of the ANC. They do not need to go and demonstrate with “liberal yes-voters and blacks”.

Ask them what needs to be done and they say, “I don’t care. They caused the shit, they voted YES; they can now sort it out. I warned them 25 years ago. Not my fight.”…Blah,blah, blah.

Funny…I know that in 1992 two thirds of the whites voted “yes”, but just go and try to find one today…Good luck with that!

For the last 23 years I have been trying to find a single “Yes”-voter to interview. There aren’t any. Nobody voted “YES” in 1992. Further, when you point out to these apathetic “No”-voters that the people who demonstrated on Friday were mostly all far too young to have voted “YES”, they block their ears.

But why are whites like that? What is it that they do not get? I mean it is quite simple…If you want change you need to take action. Freedom does not come free and it certainly is not going to fall out of the sky.

They say they know, but boycotts and protests is not what they do. It sounds too much like “Toi-Toi”…

Protests and boycotts is something that blacks do. We Afrikaners have our own version of “No sex please; we are British”…it is called, “No protest please; we are Afrikaners”.

Besides, we first want to see what the others do before we go along. Like the NG-Kerk omie en tannie who go to a “Happy-clappy” church for the first time…When the people start singing songs and clapping hands they first nervously look around to see how many people are clapping before they also slowly and carefully start clapping along, but towards the end of the song they are clapping the loudest.

Just do not suggest boycotts and protests. I speak from personal experience, because every time you merely suggest a protest or boycott you are met with resistance and open hostility…

You can say: “Yes, but in Europe and the rest of the world whites do it all the time. They protest and go out into the streets and riot and make their voices heard….”

“O nee! Om hemels wil Frikkie…dis wat die swartes doen! Dis nie vir ons mense nie.”

So if boycotts and protests is not what they do, then what is it that they WANT to do? I find it hard to believe that they simply want to be apathetic. I still have hope that in their hearts they actually WANT to do something, but they just don’t know what.

The answer to that we find in the psyche and history of the Afrikaners.

Today if you suggest that the NP of Apartheid fame had their own propaganda and brainwashing of Afrikaners, then people deny it or say that “yes, but it had no effect on me…”

Bullshit! Your disgusting Apathy is testimony to how effectively and how much you were brainwashed by the former NP regime.

Time for a reality check:

Reality is that a large portion of Afrikaner history has been sugarcoated and washed squeaky clean. R.W. Johnson mentions this in chapter 14 of his book, “South Africa’s brave new world” when he talks about the ANC’s imaginary version of history. The Afrikaner historian Prof Hermann Giliomee and his Stellenbosch colleague, political philosopher Prof, André du Toit mentioned the same imaginary history in their book, “Afrikaner political thought; Analysis and documents”, Vol I 1780-1850.

It is nothing different to the Nazi imaginary history of the Aryan races mentioned by Heather Pringle in her book “The Master Plan: Himler’s scholars and the holocaust”.

See, the reason why Afrikaners do not do protests, boycotts and riots are, because in their minds there is only one solution for South Africa: Another heroic guerilla Boer War.

No amount of evidence or proof will sway them or convince them otherwise.

They all wait for the “Gentleman Boer Commando”, the righteous De La Rey or De Wet, to lead them and fight the Gentleman’s War against their gentleman Nobel Savage enemies. In fact they are not hoping for a guerilla war at all. They are hoping for something between a Cricket match and a Rugby game with rules taking place on a Bisley shooting range where they can brag about their marksmanship skills and scare the blacks off, because all you need to do to solve South Africa’s problems is show the uppity natives, “Jy neuk nie met ‘n Boer en sy roer nie”…en dan gaan ons almal huistoe.

You point out to them the truth about the Boers in the Anglo-Boer War as documented in “Boereveraaier” by Albert Blake or by Hermann Giliomee and they clasp their hands over their ears.

Truth is that the heroic Boers weren’t all that heroic at all. Half of the Boers were either in the National Scouts fighting on the side of the English, swore allegiance to the Queen (Joiners) or signed statements of neutrality (Hensoppers). The Boers had ill discipline and would often go AWOL and abandon their comrades when it was time to go home and harvest or plough. The legendary marksmanship of the Boers only came about as a result of the superior German Mauser rifles.

Apparently the Boers were such good marksmen, because bullets were scarce and expensive so from a young age they were taught that every shot must count.

Now any sniper knows this is rubbish. It cannot be. To be a good sniper takes about 5,000-10,000 practice shots. How are you going to become a good sniper when you never shoot? It is like a 100m sprinter practicing once a year. All myth and imaginary history.

More Boers were killed by Boers than by the British. “Hensoppers” were free game and their farms and livestock were often raided by family members in the Boer commandoes. Joiners and traitors were fusilladed in firing squads after a short military trial, often with no or little legal representation. Even General De Wet’s own brother was a Joiner and he vowed to “shoot him like a dog” if he ever saw him again.

It is about time people start to realize the truth about the Anglo-Boer War and that it was no “Gentleman’s War”. It was not a cricket match. It was brutal like every and any other guerilla war in history if not one of thee most brutal wars ever and the Boers were no angels.

If Afrikaners think that sitting on their arses waiting for a heroic chance to play games with the natives and be friends again afterwards is the way forward then I have news for them. It is going to be a slaughter and THEY are going to be the victims.

So Whites of South Africa…let us hypothetically say you do choose Guerilla War to get rid of ZUMA and the ANC or to get a Volkstaat for that matter. What are your chances of success? 26%

You choose non-violent protests and your chances shoot up to 53%.

Erica Chenoweth and Maria J. Stephan did the research in 2011. Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict

They studied 323 civil resistance campaigns around the world between 1900 and 2006. What they also found was that, only 4% of violent regime changes ended up in a functioning democracy five years afterwards, compared with 42% of non-violent regime changes.

So there you have it: The Truth PLUS the Evidence. Non-violent resistance has a success rate of double that of an armed struggle. That is why I support it, not because I am a pacifist.

Quite the contrary, I am not a pacifist, I am a martial artist and I train regularly to use violence when I have to, because in some instances violence does have a justification to stop violence. However violence should not be used stupidly. You do not climb into a boxing ring with Mike Tyson. You beat him at chess.

You do not fight a dictator who is strong and have all the weapons when you are weak and have none. You must fight him in a different way.

Lt.Col Bob Helvey is no less a soldier, because he swapped his rifles and grenades for non-violent means and weapons. He still fights just as hard and just as strategically against oppressive regimes as he did in the jungles of Burma, just with different means and different weapons. After a civil war of 70 years, (the longest in history) he realized there had to be a different way to get rid of a dictator. He became a disciple of Gene Sharp.

What is it going to take to convince the whites of South Africa? I don’t know. Probably nothing.

I am just glad for the turnout last Friday. And I hope the turnout is going to grow every day and especially on Wednesday, Zuma’s Birthday…And if this post can convince just ten more people to join the protests, I will be happy. Elke bietjie help.

By Mike Smith
9th of April 2017

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