New – United States Air Base In Botswana



” The US Embassy in Gaborone this week confirmed that plans are in the ADVANCED stage to set up a military airfield in Botswana. There are claims with the military airfield, A HEAVY MILITARY presence in Botswana is also anticipated”

I mentioned a year back ( Apr 29, 2015@ 09:59) that I had a very strange dream regarding a US mission in South Africa and Zimbabwe, as well as Chechnya. When I awoke from this dream, I immediately began writing what I saw. I wrote the blog post no later than 5 mins after waking up. Below is what I saw in that dream, during the early hours of sleep on April 29, 2015.

It was during this dream  I also saw Chechnya get destroyed. I saw Russia dropping bombs, thousands upon thousands of old bombs being used on Chechnya. Some seemed nuclear or their power was that of a nuclear bomb. I saw no troops ever deployed, all their warfare was from the air.

I was shown one village high up on a remote mountain, right now as I type I still see this elderly woman’s face running as fast as she could out of her village which had just been bombed. she was in her late 60’s or 70’s. She was dressed in old traditional clothes with a scarf wrapped around her head, the scarf was dark blue/black with white lines through it and what looked like dots on the scarf. I see it  as clear as daylight, as if I am still there, all these months later.

Russia would do this before this war begins or just as it begins. I have no Idea why perhaps the United States is using Chechnya as their proxies troops in the Middle East – I have no idea why. I am not sure why I saw these two somewhat random events, two countries, so distant from each other in one dream. Perhaps they are linked up chronologically.

To be 100% upfront and honest, as of this writing I don’t know anything about Chechnya, other than that it is a Muslim country. If you asked me right now to point out Chechnya on a map, I would not be able to pinpoint the country exactly ( I will go have a look now after typing this). So why this country was shown to me, again I honestly don’t know.

I don’t know their past or history, don’t know who their politicians are or what their world role is and no one has ever discussed this country with me or me with them. So again, very strange but I explained that when I see certain dreams, I know they are messages, warnings. I don’t see them all the time or even often but when I have them, I know…

This bombing (how I know, I don’t know) was being used to get rid of old artillery and to also test new artillery on Chechnya and the surrounding mountain villages. I saw the bombs falling from the sky, they seemed old (40-60 years old) but still as powerful as new weapons. They looked like something from either WW2 or the Soviet era.

They were being dropped by planes the size of the Boeings that you see at airports. Dark green in colour and even they looked old, they did not appear to be new aircraft. The mountains were flattened, virtually an entire nation was wiped out in these raids. This was also a surprise attack, it was out of the blue. No one expected it, no one in that country was prepared, it will happen out of the blue, they will be dropped when the world least expects it.

The noise they made as they flew, though, were NOT like modern Boeings, they made a different sound while travelling through the air. Like rushing water, it was a droning sound, monotonous, very eerie. I could feel the death as I saw them – there was only one thing in mind with this campaign and that was to completely destroy this country and its people.

The planes had old propellers that stuck out, four in total. two on each wing. As they flew over the country, I saw the bombs fall out of the plane, so many, I am not sure where or how they stored them, for they fell out the plane like dominos, one after another. I could not believe that a plane could carry that many bombs of this nature.

These bombs were not large bombs, but were extremely powerful for their size, extremely, extremely powerful.  They were slightly smaller than a 6ft man’s leg. The tail of these bombs had grooves, tail like. They were designed to be used from the air. When they dropped out of the plane, at first they were on their sides when they fell/dropped out the plane, but as they were hurling towards the earth they seemed to fall in an upright position. They self-adjusted themselves when they fell to the earth, so as to land on the head of the bomb on the ground. A large round head, silver, with two stripes on it. One just below the head and another just before the tail of the bomb.

It was during  that dream, that I first saw these helicopters heading for Zimbabwe. They moved in a straight line. I saw the helicopters (US) first flying over South Africa and then saw the bombing (Russia) of Chechnya.

My own interpretation of it is that as soon as the US got involved in South Africa/Zimbabwe against communist allies, Russia will go against US allies (Chechnya) being used perhaps against Syria and Russia in the Middle East. A tit for tat, you bomb or get involved against our allies and we will bomb your allies. That is just my interpretation, I have zero idea why this happens or the details around it, but this is what comes to mind.

I saw a covert mission going ahead. Two black helicopter, flying side by side. They fly over South Africa, straight for Zimbabwe. They are flying so close to one another, that it looked as if they were joined as if they formed one helicopter.

The ANC would be concerned about these events and the mission, somehow I just knew, that this involved a mission for both Zimbabwe and South Africa.

It was a covert mission, the helicopters were not your typical helicopters and moved swiftly over South Africa and into Zimbabwe. What amazed me was the speed at which they travelled. I’m not sure what actual CIA helicopters look like, but these helicopters look like special forces/CIA/FBI helicopters like you see in the movies when they move in their navy seals, special forces.

They were silent when they flew over South Africa – this is how I knew it was a covert operation, with one aim in mind – regime change in Zimbabwe and possibly South Africa.

Since that dream, we have seen Zimbabwe on the front page of international newspapers every single week, in some cases every second day.

If you visit international sites like that see more than 300 million users per day, you will see just about  everyday some article about Mugabe, Zimbabwe and the plight of the people/nation. You will see Zimbabwe mentioned in the US and UK version of yahoo.

Now we see a Botswana US airbase going ahead.

‘Siener’ mentioned there would be an interim Government set up in South Africa when things collapse here and there will be severe civil unrest. He also mentioned the United States would be assisting the White South Africans against the British-backed Blacks, Coloureds and Indians that are stripping the Whites of everything in this country.

It’s interesting to note, that since BREXIT, one of the first countries the UK approached for a trade deal was India.

Now we can see their plans are going ahead. Again, I have to ask you – how much time do we as Whites have in this country before all this takes place?

‘Siener’ warned that before ww3 breaks out, all hell is going to break loose here for the Whites and that they would be stripped of everything, as well as face a massacre in and around Johannesburg.

Now you do not need to be a rocket scientist to see and know that this NATO buildup on Eastern Europe on Russia’s doorstep will not last that much longer before the first shots are fired, and the war bells will ring. I can’t see the buildup lasting much longer. Perhaps two years at most and that is being very generous.

Personally, I think that by mid-2017 we could possibly see the conflict begin after this year’s US presidential election.

The US in the meantime is preparing and strategically placing its Military bases around the world and arming its allies throughout the world.

There is no coincidence regarding this base in Botswana.

They know the ANC/ZANUPF have close ties with communist Russia and China. ZANUPF also supply Iran with uranium that they are using for their nuclear missiles. Iran mentioned just last week that they will attack Israel.

The recent riots in Zimbabwe are a prelude to a civil war, power struggle there which will ignite violence in South Africa. Millions of Zimbabweans will be fleeing that communist shit hole to come to South Africa, as a result crime and the murders of Whites will intensify until the final moment, as we are told by ‘Siener’ that Germany will come to our assistance.

I don’t think I need to convince many of you that are reading this blog or other similar blogs, that the future Republic, those that rule it, should not allow a single parasite to live within the borders of Southern Africa and I mean that!

Not one single parasite!

The United States is realising that they should have sent those parasites back home after the slave trade.

Let us never make this mistake again and for those in the new Republics that hire parasites, be that for gardening services, be that for construction, or a cleaner or anyone hiring any parasite should immediately be imprisoned and fined. Why would anyone hire these animals, when they hate and murder us.

They blame the Whites for everything. Besides, it is unbiblical to live amongst the heathen. The Afrikaner which is part of the ten tribes of Israel were told, sternly warned to remain apart and to have nothing to do with the heathen.

Let us, the people, the future citizens of the Republics only elect future leaders that rule the land according to biblical principles. It is either that, or have this New World Order that enforces multiculturalism on all White Christian nations. No more!

A time will come, this time, we will not name or give a name to a system, this time, we will simply implement biblical laws as they should be!

No more parasites among us! If you need to cut your grass, get off your arse and stop watching rugby and cut your grass! You don’t need a cleaner to clean your house, simply get off your arse and do it yourself.

You don’t need farm workers, simply mechanize.

It is either this stance or the present situation, you choose!

360 years have proven both here and in the United States that the parasites cannot live amongst us in peace. They always will always feel inferior and no matter how much you educate, uplift, provide grants/welfare they will never be satisfied.

Now let’s see what Siener mentioned regarding the United States in South Africa.

‘Siener’s’ visions.

We are in grave danger, our enemies are legion and strong and wealthy. The English, Jews, and Jingoes incite the Indians, coloreds and Blacks against us.

Even sections of the Police and Military oppose us in an effort to bring us down. Everything was pre-planned covertly in England between that Government and
the leaders here, to send troops at a given time to help them against the Whites.

They have been ready for some time and waiting to fight against the Boer and their Government.

A revolution is brewing here and many of us will be slaughtered. We will have to defend ourselves against them and all Afrikaners will have to stand together to save ourselves from extinction.

They are secretly plotting to regain power by means of revolution and violence, which is why British troops will secretly be
transported here to assist them. Our army will split; our people will go leave them and they will be left with everything.

The English are very purposeful and their spies are all over. Many people in the country allege they are staunch nationalists, but
they are not.

The same is happening in the Police. Our enemies will carefully meet covertly, secretly importing arms and ammunition from England and other countries and store them in all their secret meeting-places and caches.

When this has been completed, they will invite all the Blacks and Coloureds and incite them to take part in the revolution, during which our women and children will face the worst dangers.

Although times will be very dark for us, our enemies will not succeed in completely getting us down. All possible and suspect
Military officers (Magnus Malan and others?) Jwill be replaced by jingoes.

Something happens which they did not take into account, and this permanently ends their reign and activities.

United States troops will also be here to try and prevent the English from reachingsucceeding in their goal.

It seems as though they intend interning  some of the Boers, although the camp differs from those during 1939 -1945.

They will transport us to another country, possibly Australia (The United States Of America has large military base in Australia), where we are liberated by Japanese Army Officers who are pleased to learn that we are Boers.  As was the case during the previous war, our troops will be sent North again, but this time, there is more dissension amongst them.

There is friction between the English and Afrikaans-speaking troops and many are shot dead during in-fighting. (I hope, pray this does not happen)
Our troops run into an obstacle. United States troops who have already annihilated the English Army, block our passage. Our troops are disarmed and separated. The English are taken prisoner, but the Afrikaans troops are sent home and arrive here without any weapons.

Darkness Descends Over the Republic.

(When ‘Oupa’ Krause described these events, the Republic of South Africa was still 20 years into the future).
The first troops who went North were volunteers, but later ones were commandeered. Those who refused to go North will be interned, while others are beaten to death in the streets because they are not in uniform.

Up North, where our troops are being captured, fighting is intense and fires burn high. Meanwhile, a great darkness descends over the Republic. Indians from India, and
English attack us here in the Republic, but after a lengthy struggle they leave.

Although warned by the United States Of America to stay away, they
nonetheless, arrive in a large fleet to attack us.

The United States Of America’s Navy
stops them near Durban, bombards them and sends them back to India. The Chinese who also wanted to join in the fray will be warned
by the Indians to be on the lookout for the United States Of America,  who are
protecting the Afrikaners.

Laser Beams?

The worst will be ‘electric beams’ sowing death and destruction above and below; even the soil will be destroyed and few people
will remain alive.

The Russians storm through Hungary,
Yugoslavia, through Austria to Italy to occupy these countries, then through France—which supports them—en route to Spain where the Spanish put up a fierce resistance before the United States Of America goes to their aid.

The Russians have one purpose in mind—Africa, to incite the Blacks, so by the time summer sets in, they will have virtually conquered the whole of Europe.

This will be our time of oppression when our enemies make a concerted effort to annihilate us, incited by English clergy, Jews, Indians, Blacks and Jingoes.

English and United States Of America troops in Germany will be wiped out.

That war will be one of terrible battles and Van Rensburg says: “a great well will be filled with blood.” This indicates that blood will
flow as never before. This leaves the Russians no time to think and at this point. God comes to the Germans’ assistance.

In closing, Mr. Mussmann emphasized, remember, Van Rensburg said: “We get a perfect Republic from a perfect God, without a penny’s national debt.”

At Prieska my one shoe gets a new upper
(an interim government): then I see a blue suit of clothes (Germany,) then a brown suit (Boers), then a grey suit (a Divine person), and when the ‘burgers’ return from Durban after driving off the enemy, I get a new pair of shoes, a new saddle and bridle—this means a permanent Government and a totally new
beginning. (AMEN!)

After the enemy has been conquered, the Vierkleur is dipped in a bucket of blood and hoisted over this new Republic which
Afrikaners have been fighting for over so many decades.

It will be a Republic won through sorrow, suffering, and bloodshed and for which the nation had to make many sacrifices. After that, ‘Siener’ predicted, the Boer will enjoy unprecedented freedom and prosperity.

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