Mugabe to whites: ‘What’s not yours will never be yours

President Robert Mugabe says whites came to Zimbabwe and wanted to make it their own, ignoring the fact that “what is not yours will never be yours”.

The 93-year-old president was speaking at a state funeral on Thursday at which he hailed the resistance fight by the likes of former vice president Joseph Msika against white minority rule.

“If you come to my place and claim it’s yours, I will fight you. In the same vein, this is what the likes of Joseph Msika resisted,” Mugabe said at the funeral of Msika’s widow, 89-year-old Maria Msika.

“Whites came to Zimbabwe and wanted to make it theirs oblivious of the fact that what is not yours will never be yours no matter how much you fight for it,” the state-run Herald quoted the president as saying in his speech at Harare’s National Heroes Acre.

Mugabe launched a sometimes violent land reform programme to seize farms from white landowners in 2000. Out of around 4 000 on the land then, only a few hundred remain.

At a series of countrywide rallies held since June, the youth wing of his Zanu-PF party has been urging the ageing leader to seize remaining white-owned farms to redistribute to young party members.

By: Network 24

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  • OverIt

    The despotic racist Mugabe talks with forked tongue as usual. Instead of admitting to his people that he has ruined Zimbabwe through corruption and incompetence (you can’t eat ‘freedom’) and self-serving policies, he continues after 40 years to whine and blame the White race that created the civilization in which he personally luxuriates. Like a blood-sucking leech he clings to power despite his decrepit age of 94. Zimbabwe has long become the laughing stock of the whole world, a basket case example used by most esteemed Economists.

    Chigozie Obioma, and below that, Juju Mkize both tell the refreshing truth. May Africans listen to their fellow African esteemed academics and face the truths therein and purify their attitudes for their own improvement:

    *Chigozie Obioma, in ‘FP’Aug 9, 2016 states that there are NO successful Black nations:

    “No one will talk about the painful fact that most African and Caribbean
    nations have either failed or are about to collapse….Nigeria, the most
    populous black nation on Earth, is on the brink of collapse.

    The machineries that make a nation exist, let alone succeed, have all
    eroded. A culture of incompetence, endemic corruption, dignified
    ineptitude, and, chief among all, destructive selfishness and greed has
    played a major role in its unraveling. The same, sadly, can be said for
    most other African nations.

    States like Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea are farcical
    democracies ruled by men who exclusively cater to their interests and
    those of their clipped circles.”

    Obiamo then goes on to admit that the primary reason for the invasion
    of Europe and America by millions of blacks is because their own
    nations are self-inflicted disaster zones:

    “Thus, it is no surprise that in the absence of any healthy black
    nation—in the midst of chaos, senseless wars, corrupted religiosity,
    violence, and economic collapse—African and Caribbean people leave home
    en masse.

    They beg on the streets of Greece, prostitute in the red-light zones of
    the Netherlands, and make up 40 percent of the migrants flocking to
    Europe…” He admits that the blacks “turn up” in European countries
    “helpless, unwanted, starved, or maimed.”

    He goes on: “Black elites and activists across the world have adopted
    a culture of verbal tyranny in which they shut down any effort to
    reason or criticize us or black-majority nations by labeling such
    attempts as “racism” or “hate speech”. One can be certain that any
    suggestions that our race may indeed need to do something to remedy our
    situation will not be aired—not by the terrified people of other
    races….And all we do…. is scream “racism!” and court the sympathy of
    others….Black elites should allow for self-criticism and soul-searching
    and for the restoration of the Pan-Africanist movement with an eye
    toward building sustainable black nations.”

    and Juju Mkize honestly reveals

    by Juju Mkize a Top Black Academic At the University Of Cape Town. It includes the following:

    “This is the lie that is getting really old:

    “South Africans are psychologically sick as a result of violence
    inflicted upon the majority of the country’s people during the apartheid
    era”, President Jacob Zuma

    The history of black South Africans has always been that of violence,
    death and destruction – NOT inflicted upon them by white people in this

    Shaka Zulu, during his 10-year reign butchered more than 2 million black
    people in South Africa, not counting the deaths during mass tribal
    migrations to escape his armies. He had his warriors clubbed to death
    upon the merest sign of weakness. He neither took a legal wife nor
    fathered a son, for fear that his heir would plot against him, and had
    his concubines executed if he discovered they were pregnant. When his
    mother died, he massacred thousands of his subjects so their families
    would mourn along with him. Shaka retained his throne through the worst
    kind of sheer terror, vast mass executions, torture and mindless
    butchery. His brother, Dingane, was no better. He took power after the
    assassination of Shaka and started his reign by butchering those loyal
    to Shaka.That, amongst many other horror stories of black-on-black
    violence, is the history of Black South Africa…..During the Apartheid
    era, from 1948 to 1994, the average life expectancy of black South
    Africans had risen to 64 years, on par with Europe’s average life
    expectancy. Infant death rates had by been reduced from 174 to 55 infant
    deaths per thousand…….”

    It ends:

    “…More than 400 000 people have been murdered in South Africa under ANC rule.

    The past 20 years have been the most violent in the history of this
    country since the death of Shaka Zulu…and NONE of it has anything to do
    with WHITE people or APARTHEID… but I guess if you repeat the lie often
    enough foreigners actually start believing the drivel coming from your
    mouth, Mr. Uneducated President !!!”

    Unfortunately people from all over the world believe the lies you have spread and wrongly blame the Whites for Racism!!

    By: Juju Mkize”