Moore’s Law Applied To South Africa And The Zuptas

Gordon Moore

The electrical engineer and billionaire businessman, Gordon Moore, founder of “Intel Corporation” is the man who first observed in 1965 that the amount of transistors in a printed circuit board would double roughly every two years and predicted that it would carry on like that for at least another ten years or so. 50 years later his prediction is still happening. Therefore, it is called Moore’s Law

Now it doesn’t take much to figure out that this cannot carry on indefinitely. Somewhere along the line there MUST be a stop, a ceiling of some sorts, a saturation point if you will.

For instance, Moore’s prediction has become a target for miniaturization in the semiconductor industry, but components cannot be made smaller and smaller all the time, because somewhere along the line you cannot make it smaller than the atom.

Over the years lots of people have predicted the death of Moore’s Law, yet it is still alive. It carries on, and on, and advances technology to the benefit of the human race. However, every time someone says, this is now definitely the end of Moore’s Law, it is not.

Some sources say we will have tri-gate transistors, perhaps around 2020. After that there will be “gate all around” transistors and nanowires. The mid-2020s could bring monolithic 3D chips, where a single piece of silicon has multiple layers of components that are built up on a single die, but still…every two years we see Moore’s Law in action. …In other words, Moore’s Law, although being 50 years old already, is still alive as you are reading this and there are no signs that it will be letting up anytime soon despite predictions.

Now, in South Africa, we see an upside down version of Moore’s Law. A perverted form of it in a reverse Midas touch mixed with Murphy’s Law that says if something can go wrong, it probably will and if the ANC is involved, it definitely will. Just in the case of the ANC, the amount of Fuck-ups doubles in size every two years…similar to Moore’s Law.

Allow me to explain:

See, in 1994, the Rainbow Nation Libtards with their rose tinted glasses thought that the New South Africa was the best thing since buttered toast.

They had high hopes that the country would go the way of Moore’s Law and every two years or so would grow stronger and better, more advanced, more productive, more integrated…and although this has NEVER happened under any Marxist government, they were convinced that this time it would succeed. South Africa would become a Socialist Utopia.

Unfortunately the reverse happened. South Africa became worse and worse in every respect. Every two years or so, crime reached new highs and education standards and Matric results new lows. Every two years or so corruption doubled, race relations got worse and the mountain of money the ANC stole reached new heights. Health care got worse, service delivery got worse…and every time a libtard said, it would reach a saturation point and somehow magically get better if only we believed realy, really hard in the New (improved) South Africa…it didn’t.

Every time we, normal thinking, conservative folk (aka “Racists”)  thought that there was no possible way that the ANC mismanagement, thievery and corruption could get any worse, they surprised us and it did.

And so it still is today after 23 years of ANC misrule…Every time someone thinks the ANC’s morality and scandals cannot possibly sink any lower, it does. Just as you think there cannot possibly be any more Gupta Leaks…there are, and so on and so forth.

#Gupta Emails: Hundreds of thousands more leaked documents to be made available

The amount of scandals, theft and corruption in the ANC just boggles the mind.

However nothing gets done about it.

Why are the Guptas not arrested and in prison yet? Why are all these corrupt fuckheads in the ANC, including their fucktard president (yours, not mine) not behind bars yet? Why is Saxonwold not surrounded by a pitchfork and machete wielding mob yet?

How much more is it going to take?

The Sorites Paradox

This brings us to the Sorites Paradox aka the “Sand-heap paradox”

See, the Ancient Greeks wondered about a heap of sand and when it stops being a heap anymore. If you take one grain of sand away, you still have a heap. You take two grains of sand away, you still have a heap, but when you continue like that…at what point is a heap of sand not a heap anymore?

Likewise, when you now take those grains of sand that you removed and start building a new heap with it, at what point do a few grains of sand become a heap again?

Now there are many applications of this, like the man who loses one hair cannot be called bald, yet…but if he loses one hair every day, at what point is he considered bald?

Stolen by the Zuptas

Now with Zuma, we have seen 783 cases of fraud and corruption against him dropped in 2009. He basically started with a clean slate when he became president. Since then, and as the GuptaLeaks have shown, thousands more cases have come to the fore. The amount of Zupta crimes, like Moore’s Law, have practically doubled every two years since Msholozi Showerhead became Prez.

A Zupta-ite counting his
money on his way to Dubai

So…At what stage does a pile of crimes and corruptions become a shitload full? How many more revelations do you want to pile on before you can call it a mountain of evidence?

Further…At what stage is Zuma and his Gupta maaitjies going to realize the writing is on the wall and the bell has tolled for them? How many times must the bell still toll for them to realize that their time is up! They must rev up and fuck-off!

Now let us say Zuma, his extended harem, 21 kids and his Gupta maaitjies do eventually pack their bags and disappear to the land of the camel jockeys…will South Africa get any better? Moore’s Law applied to South Africa showed that just as you think it cannot possibly get any worse, it does.

Zuma’s suitcases on his way to Dubai

By Mike Smith
1st of June 2017

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