Minister Bathabile Dlamini Talk before you Dr….UHM, Th-ink, again?

Minister Bathabile Dlamini, among other things also president of the ANCWL, put her foot right in her mouth again.

She reacted to accusations about the ANCWL not condemning the actions of Deputy Minister Manana who appeared in court last week for assaulting a woman. Dlamini says she is not going to react to it because there are other senior officials who does worse things.

That is now a typical ANC African style argument: Don’t arrest me for stealing, my neighbour is an armed robber! Nothing wrong in doing wrong as long as somebody does more wrong than me.

In the meantime the Sunday papers published statements by various employees of Manana in which it is clear that he must be a boss from hell. Like a real little dictator he threatens and abuses his power and throws things around at people when he loses his temper. Awkward little man, really.

As applies to Bathabile, the newspapers should really know better than to ask her for a clear-headed opinion over a weekend at short notice. One has to have your off-time as well to…relax.

Read the original article by Daniël Lötter on Front Nasionaal SA – blad

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