Metro Workers In The Moot ‘Attacked’ Teens

“The metro is extremely worried and concerned about the said incident.”

Injuries sustained in the attack.

Three municipal workers are being investigated after they chased two girls with a weed eater in the Moot.

Speaking on behalf of their family, a family friend said this happened on the corner of Nico Smith Street and 29th Avenue on Saturday.

The girl (13) and a friend were walking to a nearby café when they saw three municipal workers cutting grass.

“The girls kindly asked them to move so that they could walk past. They [workers] just looked at them and laughed,” the family friend said.

“They wanted to avoid walking in the road so they asked the workers again, but they laughed at them a second time.”

Wilson said the two friends decided to walk around on the other side instead.

“When they got to the other side, one of the municipal workers chased them with a weed eater,” she said.

Injuries sustained in the accident.

“The girl was chased into the street, where she got knocked down by a motorcycle.”

Her nose was broken and she suffered bruises in the collision.

She was treated for her injuries at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital.

“The situation could have been worse, but luckily they managed to stop ongoing traffic when the accident happened,” she said.

She said the family was planning to take legal action against the metro.

“We [the family] are absolutely shocked that workers from the municipality would act in such a way,” she said.

 “They are the image of the metro and should behave as such.”

She said the municipal workers disappeared when they heard the police were on their way.

A charge was laid at the Villieria police station.

Police spokesperson Captain Coba Brits said the police were investigating.

Tshwane metro spokesperson Lindela Mashigo said the metro was shocked by the episode.

“The employees who are allegedly involved will be giving their statements to the investigating officer at the police,” he said.

“The metro is extremely worried and concerned about the said incident.”

Mashigo said the metro would allow the criminal case to proceed while conducting a parallel internal investigation.

Injuries sustained in the accident.

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