MediFin announces its Top Loyalty Doctors for 2017

MediFin Financial Services, a pioneer in the medical finance industry, has awarded their Most Loyal Partners. The awards recognise business partners that display great customer service, strategic alliance, and top affiliate behaviour. “We believe in building strong relationships and have always tried to find ways in which we could recognise and honour our referral partners. These awards allow us to do just that,” says Jason Fester, MediFin Marketing Manager.

Dental-Ladies named the winner for Top Affiliate Award. They sent us the most traffic from their website during the calendar year.

Centurion Clinic named the winner for Top Merchant Award. They sent us the most client loan applications for the prescribed period.

Dr Charl Marais earned Top Service Award, for being the partner that received the best Nett Promoter Score as rated by their patients, for the same period.

Since inception in 2012, MediFin has financed hundreds of patients throughout South Africa using an online application process, allowing patients to apply from the palm of their hands and keeping the entire process completely confidential. Many patients need to have medical procedures done that fall outside the medical aid scope.

This often results in delays on urgent procedures or the neglecting of one’s personal health due to the lack of savings – this is where MediFin assists. We offer finance for expensive procedures making important life decisions affordable, says CEO Tiaan De Jager.

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Client offering:
MediFin announces its Top Loyalty Doctors for 2017
MediFin’s goal is to provide people with the opportunity and financial solution to “Be the best version of themselves” where they may not be in a position to afford the large upfront capital investment of medical procedures.

MediFin Financial Services was designed to offer clients a finance option with great flexibility, which includes payment to the doctor directly, a zero deposit, no early settlement penalties, and repayment structures of up to 48 months. Their innovative solution provides clients with an alternative to rising medical insurance tariffs and depleted savings plans and is one of the only options available for elective medical procedures.

Business partner offering:
MediFin has over 400 Medical partners in its network, ranging from dental practitioners, to radiology and fertility specialists, to cosmetic surgeons – just to name a few categories. These medical practitioners have recognised the benefit of partnering with MediFin due to its unique value propositions:
* We pay the practitioner 100% of the procedure cost upfront, improving their cashflow.
* Higher conversion rates – financing patients who would otherwise have declined quotations due to no affordability.
* Improved customer service by not having to turn clients away.
Looking to the future:

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In 2017 MediFin increased their financial services offering to include various insurance products. In an attempt to offer a more turnkey solution to their patients, it was a natural way to offer insurance against procedures that carried slightly more risk than others. They now offer travel insurance, GAP cover and emergency medical insurance which can be bought online in under five minutes.

In an effort to further extend their reach, MediFin is looking to partner with great businesses that are pioneers in the medical arena. This is evidenced by their most recent partnerships with Iyeza Health, Ear Institute, Cape Fertility Clinic and MediConnect. MediFin’s online presence and business model continues to prosper as they partner with likeminded companies that share a common vision of putting the patient first.

Looking for a affordable medical aid, just click here Medical Aid or just send your Name, surname, email address to 082 738 5586

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