May God Save South Africa, 2018 Onwards – Makhosi Khoza

We Cannot Celebrate Zuma’s Exit, His Army Of Crooks Are At Work, Says Makhosi Khoza

There are admittedly many challenges with starting a new political party but it is worth a try nonetheless. South Africa is on a path of destruction. Let us do whatever we can to save it.

The ANC December 2017 conference resolutions will destroy this country. Although I left the ANC, it is still a ruling party. I have every right to warn South Africans about the sugar-coated more vicious strain of the corruption virus.

We cannot celebrate JZ exit yet. His army of crooks is at work. They are more sophisticated than yesterday.

South Africans please wake up. Simply replacing Jacob Zuma does not solve the problem. We need to remove the ANC in order to teach all other would be ruling parties that corruption, bad governance and destructive populist policies are punishable. Those who are corrupt must go to jail. The political organization that shields corruption must be removed from power.

2017 has been an extremely challenging year for South Africa 🇿🇦. 2018 does not look great either. However, we should add more voices in exposing the smiling and sophisticated disguised same corruption what’s up group of Jacob Zuma. Poor CR, I did not know that fronting exists in corruption. I thought it is a BEE phenomenon. Eish! Life is tough but we must still laugh.

Those who had pinned their hopes on the ANC December 2017 conference should now realize that Cyril Ramaphosa (CR) won’t be able to pull the ANC out of its agenda to destroy the little that still remains in this country.

CR is bracketed by experts in looting namely DD Mabuza as his Deputy President and Ace Magashule as Secretary General. The Premier League is running the show.

Needless to mention the return of Zweli Mkhize to the NEC former KZN Premier and a man who failed Khwezi. He left a trail of destruction at public hospitals as MEC, health that became places of death, as MEC Finance Ithala bank was his playing ground as Premier he even ensured that his own Town and my home Pietermaritzburg collapsed (Ask Melvin Dirks) etc. The corrupt were rewarded and the ethical punished during his tenure as Premier.

Wherever he led since 1994, I’m battling to find evidence of excellence in his path. The Inkosi Chief Albert Luthuli referral hospital a Public Private Partnership (PPP) project may be one. Did he pocket something personally? Mhmmm I wonder.

Ironically, Dr Sbongiseni Dlomo current MEC health despite his shortcomings, he has really improved the quality of service in Edendale and King Edward hospitals. I used to think under Mkhize public hospitals were supposed to smell. However, when I visited these two public hospitals recently I discovered that public hospitals need not smell so badly. They can be managed well and smell healthy not filth. I hope they won’t phase him out.

It is increasingly becoming evident that to qualify for promotion in the ANC requires high competency in destruction, being unethical or immoral.

Guess who got promotion in CR 17 NEC? Faith Muthambi, SABC governance crisis, Bathabile Dlamini SASSA debacle, David Mahlobo etc. The list is endless.

Look at that list of NEC members again. How many were in CR 17 slate compared to NDZ 17 which is essentially JZ slate. Poor CR is cornered.

Retrogression frightens me as a woman. In the top 6, only 1 none other than Jessie Duarte as Deputy of Ace Magashule. The ANC secretariat is fully captured by design.

The markets reacted favorably when they heard CR won. Shame! JZ is a chess player of note. He knows his moves. He kept on speaking about unity leading to the December conference. Give him credit, he delivered that unity even though it means signing a pact with a Devil.

By:  Makhosi Khoza


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