Mandela is Africa’s Biggest Sell Out. Are all Nobel Peace Prize winners Traitors who sold their people to the World Money Powers?

Are all Nobel Peace Prize winners traitors who sold their people out to the World Money Powers? Does this Prize come along with a host of awards, doctorate’s engagements, contracts, grants, funds, legacy foundations, etc. etc. from the World Supremacist Globalist Money Powers? Giving Obama his in advance certainly is questionable and both De Klerk and Mandela are seen as traitors by many of their people:

Mandela is the biggest sell out Africa has ever had. Mobutu Seseko is a toy compared to Nelson Mandela. I use to think Mandela did what he had to do till I found out that Walter Sisulu spent 25 years in prison and Japtha Masemola spent 28 years in prison yet they don’t get honoured as much as mandela does.

Britain is the biggest imperialist state in the world yet there are more Mandela statues in Britain than there are in South Africa. This generation needs to stand up. Franz Fanon wrote Black Skin White Masks when he was 27 years old. Fred Hampton became a black panther years before his 21st birthday.

There is nothing stopping us from cleaning up the mess that leaders like Mandela and Mobutu made. Most black university students have never even heard of Japtha Masemola, Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Robert Sobukwe yet Mandela is honoured by people like Queen Elizabeth, George Bush and Obama.

When a leader is loved by the same people he was fighting against something is wrong.

Mandela is on bank notes yet I dont understand why imperialists put his face on their bank notes when they could have just put the face of Evelyn De Rothschild there or Nick Oppenheimer.

This Generation needs to stand up. We need to stop quoting Franz Fanon and Steve Biko. It is important to study history but lets face facts it is the 21st century now.

It is our time. We need to wake up and stop twerking or else we will die quoting leaders like Steve Biko. Unfortunately for us their quotes will not end imperialism. Only we can end imperialism. Stop twerking and start a revolution. The next generation is counting on us.

The fate of the Black race is in our hands. Save your race or forever live on your knees.

Wake up Africa.

Stop twerking and start swinging…

Unknown Black Nationalist

mthwakazi lib front


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