Man who was robbed and shot after car broke down on N4 freeway North dies

The man who was robbed and shot after his car broke down on the N4 freeway before the Rosslyn off-ramp on Friday has died.

The family of 45-year-old Chris le Roux Junior confirmed that he died in the early hours of Saturday at Steve Biko hospital.

“We thought he was going to pull through because he was a strong man,” said his stepmother Cathrin.
She said they went home to get some sleep for just half an hour after they had been with him at the hospital for eight hours. When they came back it was already too late.

“The shot went through one of his arteries resulting in internal bleeding. They tried all they could but unfortunately, they could not sustain him and his blood pressure was so low. He died of heart failure,” she added.
She said at the time of the incident her son was with his girlfriend who was also hit by an object.
“They grabbed her by the hair and tried to pull her into the bushes before they took off and disappeared,” Cathrin said.

Chris was robbed of his cellphone and wallet.

His daughter was on her way to a party and had to leave her daughter with her father.

But when they got there they found the robbers and the little girl started screaming and the three robbers ran into the bushes.

The two women could not identify the suspects as they were still in shock.

Cathrin said she did not feel safe in her own country anymore.

Hereby we would like to thank and give recognition to the AUTHOR: Felicia Nkhwashu/Pretoria North Rekord for the above story and photo.


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