Lack of maintenance by the ruling party the cause of raw sewage in Palmietspruit

Thousands of liters of sewage flow daily from an unrepaired cracked sewage pipe in the Palmietspruit at Klerksdorp in the Matlosana local municipality, which includes Klerksdorp, Orkney, Stilfontein, and Hartbeesfontein, said Michal Groenewald, leader of the FF Plus in North West.

Groenewald said it is the result of poor management and lack of maintenance by the ruling party.

According to Groenewald, this degree of pollution has a significant impact on both humans and animals, as the Palmietspruit, which later joins the Schoonspruit, flows into the Vaal River, which provides thousands of people and animals with water.

“The stream also flows near two schools, a residential area and other businesses in the area, which exacerbate the health risk. As many farms also border on these water sources, it also poses a great risk to farming and industries.”

“The reckless pollution of our country’s scarce water resources is due to the ANC government’s inability to apply proper management and is forming a pattern.”

“The government can no longer hide from their old apologies because they have been responsible for managing the country’s infrastructure and resources for the past 23 years, and in fact, they are in control of it. There is no one else to point fingers at but themselves.”

“The FF Plus will lay a criminal charge against the municipal administration of the Matlosana municipality due to the municipality’s violation of certain water and environmental management legislation as well as the violation of the constitutional right of the community to a clean and hygienic environment,” said Groenewald.

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