Kellogg’s has been slammed for having just one brown corn pop on its Corn Pop cereal box.

Cereal maker Kellogg’s has been served up spoonfuls of shame as it was called out for being racist.

The new box of Kellogg’s Corn Pops featured a group of light coloured corn pops hanging out in a mall, while a darker-skinned pop works as a janitor waxing the floor.

Author Saladin Ahmed called the company out on Twitter, saying that the cereal box is ‘teaching kids racism’ because the only brown Corn Pop is shown working as a janitor.

Within hours of Ahmed’s tweet, the cereal maker, apologised saying that the artwork had been updated and will reach stores soon.


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  • Depends on your point of view – from my point of view this is the only person with a job.
    Typical South African BEE. How is that racist? Against whites?

    • Dina Ronell Bezuidenhout

      Net so.

    • Colette Hulett

      There is one thing I’ve noticed that the ANC and their puppets are good at, apart from the usual theft, corruption, smoke n mirrors, etc., is their unending creativity in the art of BS!

  • Dina Ronell Bezuidenhout

    Moet daar nou verbrande Kellogg’s geadverteer word? Aai mense darem.

    • Colette Hulett

      Nee kyk …

  • R J

    Corn Pops are tan to yellow – NOT dark brown Nigga!

    • Colette Hulett

      We must make sure to boycott them, protest outside the factory and in the vicinity we must burn, break and loot whilst continuing to blame apartheid for bad artwork which may lead to the fall of our model society.

      AG ASSEBLIEF!!! Face palm!

  • Colette Hulett

    Well as long as we focus on what’s important and forget about issues like Hospital sewerage flooding the 4th floor of Charlotte Maxeke HOSPITAL for instance, or the torture and murder of farmers, their families, workers and animals. Or the pathetic injustice system and the hundreds of other problems affecting the quality of citizens lives daily for the past several years, then I guess we must be on the right track to dismantling the already dismantled apartheid, not to mention the continuation of the already accomplished “struggle”.

    Evil heathens, no words to describe the level of pettiness. BS baffles brains. One thing I DO know for sure, is that this communist democracy is a total and undeniable FAIL.