It’s Official!? South Africa’s Afrikaans Ranked The Sexiest Accent In The World – an Irish-based travel curation site that says “they do all the hard work so that travellers don’t have to”, has ranked 50 of the world’s accents.

While they might be spot on when they say “let the arguing begin” – because we have to admit the Irish accent is pretty sexy in its own right – if the results of this survey are to be believed – then that local meisie in the Wimpy ad from way back with the heavy Afrikaans accent saying “I lurve it when you talk foreigner” is most-likely the epitome of sexy to some people’s ears.

10. Southern American  –  That slow Texan drawl.

9. Jamaican  –  YAHHHH.

8. Israeli  –  We can’t explain it. It’s just hot.

7. Spanish  –  Because obviously.

6. Irish  –  A global favourite, to be sure to be sure.

5. French  –  The language of love.

4. Australian  –  V sexy, hey?

3. Northern Irish  –  Jamie Dornan. Enough said.

2. Italian  –  If only Dolmio day was every day.

1. South African   –  Afrikaans is the key to our hearts.

And the least sexiest accent in the world?

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