Is irresponsible, “advertorial” BBC reporting denying Genocide in South Africa?

In an article on the BBC website, 3rd May, it is claimed that there is a mass return to South Africa by Expats, in what appears to be an almost whitewash of the true situation, with many stunned cries of disbelief and foul play reverberating on Social Media.

Based solely on an unsubstantiated claim by Homecoming Revolution, a company whose business it is to encourage ex South Africans (aka SAFFA’s) to return to SA, that some 340,000 have returned to SA in the last decade, the BRITISH journalist, who has only been in South Africa for 10 years, is happy to provide 3 or 4 almost “to good to be true” examples. In fact, it appears one of these “examples” is the CEO and Founder of the Homecoming Revolution company itself!

As a service to would be returnee’s and visitors, who could be taken in by this irresponsible reporting, we thought it would be prudent to take off the BBC (rose) coloured glasses and inject some cold hard realities.

A simple visit to the Gov.UK Foreign Travel Advice centre includes statements like:

  • South Africa has a very high level of crime, including rape and murder. (It mentions how this is mostly in townships yet the BBC article proudly boasts that one of the “returnees” works in the Township of Kayalitsha!).
  • Incidents of vehicle hi-jacking and robbery are common, particularly after dark.
  • The standard of driving in South Africa can vary greatly and there are many fatal accidents every year.
  • There has been an increase in strike action in South Africa and some demonstrations have turned violent. This could continue in the run-up to elections in 2014.
  • The 2012 UNAIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic estimated that around 5,700,000 adults aged 15 or over in South Africa were living with HIV; the prevalence percentage was estimated at around 17.9 of the adult population compared to the prevalence percentage rate in adults in the UK of around 0.2%. You should exercise normal precautions to avoid exposure to HIV/AIDS. There is no reciprocal health care agreement between the United Kingdom and South Africa.
  • There is a high incidence of credit card fraud and fraud involving ATMs.
  • There is an underlying threat from terrorism.

There is a hint in the small and almost reluctant admission that around one in six returnees end up leaving again. There is also the typical, and expected, repudiation of the impact of Affirmative Action that we have come to expect from a left leaning mass media News Company like BBC.

Well, if I was of the ilk of that journalist, I would leave the story there and send it to print confidently knowing my editor would consider it valid and politically correct. Job done!

However, let’s look a bit deeper. All it takes a couple of keystrokes.

No mention is made at all of all those fairly serious precautions regarding crime and health given on the Foreign Office website cited above.

No mention is made of the fact that South Africa is rated 5 on the GenocideWatch website, having been moved down from 6, which is one step from actual genocide atrocities, last year.

No mention is made of the fact that it is, statistically, the most dangerous job in the whole world, of all professions, to be a white farmer in South Africa.

No mention is made of the fact that racist laws implemented by the ANC regime, to exclude whites from the workplace, have in fact just recently been extended and strengthened. These include access to educational institutions where top “straight A” students are denied places in favour of less well performing blacks, which are now called “FreeBorns” having been born into and schooled in post apartheid SA.

No mention of the fact that if, as an entrepreneur (which one assumes is the target market), you want to start a business in South Africa, you have to give 25% of it to a black shareholder (recently upgraded from 20%) by law.

No mention of dozens of reports in recent months alone of foreigners being slaughtered and raped in brutal fashion.

No mention of police implication in many crimes, including “recreational” rape.

Then there is the deluge of reaction this article has received on Social Networking sites like Facebook and especially in certain groups of users mostly in South Africa, but also from USA, UK, etc.

Without fail comment after comment expresses shock with claims that this BBC article is a “total lie”, a “fabrication”, “leftist propaganda”, “Pre Election propaganda” on behalf of the disgraced and corrupt ANC and the publicly derided and often booed Jacob Zuma.

They unreservedly deny that a mass return is even taking place, and furthermore that it is irresponsible to even suggest that it is safe to return, especially for whites!

So much so that one these groups, with 3,000 members, which was started by Christians from America, who want to highlight and spread awareness of the white genocide taking place in South Africa, and the accompanying media blackout that surrounds this “politically incorrect” topic, have launched a campaign to complain to the BBC, UNESCO, UN, Human Rights commission in SA, and anyone else who will listen, about the danger of this superficial almost advertorial “report” with no consideration to facts.

There is another group, Boere Krisis in Aksie (BKA), entirely dedicated to the farm murders with almost 10,000 members as well as a Facebook page with over 91,400 Likes!

More telling, is a group started as a call to boycott the Afrikaans monopoly mass media organisation, (Naspers), for their media blackout and denial of this “politically incorrect” hot potato. This group has amassed 22,500 members!

Another group called SAFFA Nation Without a State for a BondStaat has started a campaign called “Deed for a deed” whereby every time there is a murder and rape of a white farmer or a home invasion, which is daily, the members are encouraged to respond to that deed by doing some pro-active deed towards attaining self determination (secession) for the “currently disadvantaged” european minority in SA.

No mention of the heated arguments going on in the SA media about verification and fabrication of stats. It is well regarded that stats given out by the government are entirely fabricated and most people refer to independent sources for information. Sites like Farmitracker and AfriCheck have sprung up as a result.

We could go on ad-infinitum citing examples and facts with many many horrific stories and facts of unspeakable brutality against innocent civilians sometime well into their 80’s!

…and we do not have to resort to using staff as an example!

Finally, this company, Homecoming Revolution which was started in 2003 by this Ad Exec, who was one example cited in the article, worked for M&C Saatchi in London and went back to South Africa to start M&C Saatchi in 1996.  A quick look at their client list and there can be no doubt her, and her team of mostly female executives, obviously know how to pull the punters in. Many of these listed are major government organisations, like ESKOM, the national electricity provider, who are not allowed, by law, to hire white staff. A well known campaign by the SA government is its “Brand SA” and LeadSA campaigns. This same story has been repeated in South African Newspaper the star and online Mail & Guardian who even claim a larger amount, 359,000 have returned since 2008! That is over 5,000 per month! We demand to now where this figure comes from….

One can find videos on Youtube of SA Ambassadors almost begging South Africa’s brains, mostly whites, to return to rebuild the country. Rebuild? Has it been destroyed in the last 20 years then? Also denied. These very people they chased away with their lack of respect for the rights of minorities and their racist legislation. Rewind 20 years, and the BBC was at the absolute crest of the Mandela wave riding high on the legend they created. It appears that just like the Russian Revolution, the Socialists and liberals have once again got it wrong…

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