Internal Political Chess Game at Eskom Can Leave SA In Dark

AfriForum launched an application in terms of the Promotion of Access  Information Act, 2000 (Act No. 2 of 2000) to review the documentation regarding Brian Molefe’s return to Eskom. It follows from allegations that Molefe was not reappointed but with unpaid leave.

“Someone in Eskom – whether Molefe himself, councilor Lynne Brown or other senior officials – are deceiving the taxpayer. It is in the publics best interest to know what the future has in store for  Eskom’s. The powerhouse’s scandals have already violated public confidence, “said Morné Mostert, AfriForum’s head of local government affairs.

Documents requested include the rescheduling agreement and the application process, as well as any other human resource documentation regarding the process followed.

“AfriForum wants to try to understand what is the real state of affairs between Eskom and Molefe, and to do this, we have to compare the agreement with the oath declarations made during the DA’s court application. If there are any inconsistencies, we will submit fraud complaints. We are also going to investigate allegations by the ANC that the reappointment of Molefe will come down to perjury.

“Power supply in South Africa is critical and we can not watch politicians use the country’s power provider to drive their own political agendas,” says Mostert.

Source:  Afriforum

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