If the Criminal Justice System refuses to speak for her – I will SCREAM for her: Father of deceased Nadia Bond

Death of Nadia Stephanie Bond (8) PLEASE SHARE! and make them answer!

Dear Mr Shaun Abrahams, National Director of Public Prosecutions and every Western Cape Government Official!

Since I approached the NPA (National Prosecuting Authority) in January 2016 – 20 months ago, I have had my questions treated with contempt and what I experience to be a total disregard to the victims of crime.

My daughter was murdered on the 18th of September 2015. After it became clear that the SAPS had no intention of completing a proper investigation into her death, whether from lack of resources, incompetence, or corruption, I approached the NPA to address VERY concerning issues. I have repeatedly e-mailed the Western Cape DPP and STILL I dont receive any sense of urgency or any response that gives me ANY reason to have faith in the Criminal Justice System. In fact Sir, the responses I did receive raised MORE questions, showed complete lack of insight and were simply disgraceful in it’s failure to address the TRUTH.

As the father of a murdered child – I, like EVERY OTHER South African Citizen, expect a properly conducted investigation and ANSWERS to our very reasonable questions. It should not even be debatable! Yet it was FORCED upon us to get Private Experts to do the work which we as Tax Payers (even little Nadia was a registered tax payer) expect from Government Institutions. In the process it has done irreparable damage to us as a family which I wont even begin to express coz it is clear that our emotional and psychological well being is no concern to those that keep ignoring me. Let me just state that Families of murdered children need the TRUTH to find closure, anything else only causes more harm, and refusal to take decisive action and answer our questions causes devastation to our souls.

I took my concerns to the Prosecutor who referred me to the NPA, I took my concerns to the WCPO who referred me back to the NPA – I have been understanding, I have been respectful, I have complained, I have repeatedly insisted that my concerns be addressed and in return I got nothing. In your letters from your respective offices you claim “Professional Diligence” it is exactly that: Professionalism and Diligence which every Citizen of this country must believe in and relies upon in such circumstances – yet sadly, in my case I have found it not to be anything but meaningless words on paper.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the criminal justice system, neither am I an Idiot that believes every drunk driving death is committed with the intention to kill, but… How many drunk drivers know their victims? How many of them have previously harmed the same family? How many of them pass their victims before racing around the block and speeding directly at an innocent little girl, striking her so hard that witnesses see her flying through the air? How many do this virtually in front of their own home which is supposedly a “Day Care center for children” then stop and load their victims in their car and leave the scene? How many times must the evidence be ignored before a father that loves his little girl more than life itself can expect the Criminal Justice System to take action?
Refusing to do a proper investigation or to present “evidence” known to be incorrect is a crime against the Administration of Justice. It is a crime against the Citizens of this country. It is a crime against Humanity and it is favoring criminals!

In the Western Cape we have experienced many Child murders lately, innocent young lives grossly violated in many different ways, families destroyed… their lives matter… the families of murdered children MATTER – I don’t need to hear that the “file has been closed as you consider the matter finalized” while my questions have NEVER been answered. I have sent documents that prove my concerns, I have sent e-mail with a specific question, why does it not get answered? Not every family can afford an Advocate to FORCE Authorities to do their job’s – It’s time that the diligence proclaimed is offered to victims of crime, time that the NPA prosecute without fear, favour or prejudice.. So much more so when the victim is an innocent, defenseless child.

I love my daughter more than you could even begin to understand, I will not be afraid to speak out, I will not be silenced and accept a BLATANTLY incompetent / corrupt SAPS investigation to be the “end” of her beautiful, loving, innocent life. If the Criminal Justice System refuses to speak for her – I will SCREAM for her from the rooftops and across every form of media I can find. The question is, why has it been allowed to get to this point where I feel I have no other choice?

John Bond

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