Hurray! South Africa Is The Most Corrupt Country In Africa, More Corrupt Than Nigeria And Ghana


The thing we don’t know about corruption in South Africa is that it is worse than we think it is. The disaster is hugely understated, massively spreading and is now, most times, seen as normal. Let me relate to you what it means for a country to be more corrupt than Nigeria, that’s probably the only way we’ll get close to understanding the true nature of corruption in South Africa.

Nigeria is blessed with “black gold”, the country is the 12th largest producer of petroleum in the world and the 8th largest exporter, and has the 10th largest proven reserves. The country has every reason to be prosperous, In fact, a former leader of the country once told a foreign reporter that “the only problem Nigeria has is how to spend the money she has.” But with the excessive looting of funds, money laundering, illegal awarding of contracts, the misuse of public power for private benefits, and the maddened efforts and attempts that consistently geared towards securing wealth through illegal means, the country, divined to be the “Giant of Africa” is practically reduced to nothing.

Today, the country can’t pay it, workers. Running the government is proving impossible, and basic amenities are simply not available for a major majority of the country. Students in the country have to “pay” lectures to excel, it’s normal to bribe police in the country when everybody is watching, the country has been corruptions’ home.

Now the country is wasted and corruption has found a new abode in South Africa. Now you know what it means to say South Africa is more corrupt than Nigeria. Meanwhile, that’s not just a blab. It’s a factual statement that can be backed with the 2015 “People And Corruption: African Survey” of the Global Corruption Barometer.

According to the survey, championed by Transparency International, a global movement with an international secretariat at Berlin, that envisions “a world in which government, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption,” South Africa is officially the most corrupt country in Africa, and probably in the world as corruption is more of a thing with Africans.

While the report stated that “58% of people in Africa think corruption has increased,” it highlighted the three (3) worst performers with South Africa leading the pack as shown below.


While trying to determine if the South African government is doing well or badly in fighting corruption, the representation below emerged revealing that South Africans “think poorly of their governments’ anti-corruption efforts with around four-in-five saying that their government is doing badly.” So was the case with countries like  Zimbabwe, Benin, Liberia, and Nigeria.


Also, it was revealed that there’s not much hope in redeeming South Africa from corruption as it was strongly agreed that ordinary people make an insignificant difference in the fight against corruption. Other key findings of the survey based on an overview of corruption in a citizen’s scorecard are as under listed.

  1.  The level of corruption in South Africa has changed negatively high over the years;
  2.  Corruption at public sectors of the country is ordinary, of moderate quality and at a medium level;
  3. The South African government is doing everything negative at fighting corruption;
  4. Bribery in South Africa is relatively low;
  5. And the people (South Africans) are neither enthusiastically empowered, encouraged nor discouraged to fight corruption in the country.

by Nedu

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