Helen Zille is gone, ANC is a murderous joke. Time for an Independent Cape NOW?

Helen Zille is gone. For many people in the Cape, Helen Zille represented stability, structure, a well organised movement and a leader they could not find anywhere else in South Africa. With her no longer at the forefront I believe the Western Cape is now vulnerable and the Democratic Alliance weaker than before.

This could pave the way for the emergence of a new movement that wants to see the Cape leave the Republic of South Africa. South Africa is at its lowest point since democracy because it’s leader Jacob Zuma is not capable of steering the country in a positive direction mainly due to his own personal objectives and the entire ANC government protecting him at the cost of the nation.
With the recent xenophobic attacks in Durban and Johannesburg, Africans throughout Africa want their people to leave SA because they fear for their lives. Most foreign nationals cannot leave and it is a matter of time that they form “terrorist” groups and a new decade of retaliation through blood and harm is born in South Africa. Boko Haram have already warned that they will retaliate in South Africa if this harm to foreign nationals does not stop.
The people in the Cape cannot grasp the inhumane behaviour of those cultures that appear to support the violent attacks on people. Two different ideologies should not live under one roof, one country.

Just like in Marikana, Julius Malema is going to feed off the recent xenophobic attacks and I believe his party is the only one that will gain seats in the next general election.
With a government that is corrupt as ever, without any positive direction,and a new rapidly growing dangerous opposition, the Cape must take advantage of the countries present upheavals.
The DA is now vulnerable, the ANC government off guard due to many internal battles, as well as protecting Jacob Zuma and a new strong opposition growing who’s ideologies are worse than Fidal Castros, the time to strike is good.
With the removal of Cecil Rhodes’s statue and damage to other historical memorials, people are more aware of local politics than before. It appears everybody is talking about their culture and why or how it should be protected.

The time to strike for separation from SA is no better than now. The Cape Republic could just be over the mountain.


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