Hair Flies At Feminist Diversity Conference At Stellenbosch University

I find liberal feminists (especially the white ones) amusing. Their hypocrisy is probably one of the most interesting and fascinating things to watch because they are constantly faced with a dilemma.

I mean they are always on about cultural equality and freedom and how evil, oppressive and racist white men are, but when you point out that blacks and Muslims discriminate the most against women there is a deafening silence. They never speak out about how their sisters in Saudi Arabia are being oppressed or how their black sisters throughout Africa have to carry water, are sexually mutilated and have to contend with polygamy and are chattel that can be bought with cows.

But sometimes they overdo it and come short.

Trude Gunther

Take the stupid LWB, actress and wannabe black Trude Gunther who plays in the Afrikaans series “Die Byl” (The Ax).

Last Wednesday she rocked up at a “Cultural evening for feminists” at the University of Stellenbosch and set up a little stall. To demonstrate her closeness to blacks and her “Non-racialism” she had her hair braided and the theme of her artistic display was red coloured panties to highlight how God (obviously a man) makes women suffer every month with menstruation.

The black feminist students were not impressed. Don’t get me wrong…apparently, her display was “beautiful” and “fantastic”…what they were upset with was her “Cultural Theft” by having her hair braided.

According to Feminist Black Bitch and student council member, Farai Mubaiwa, Trude’s braided hair style was a “Denial and maltreatment of black pain”.

 Farai Mubaiwa and her shitlocks

When Trude asked her why she was being racially abused by the blacks she was told by Farai that there is no such thing as black on white racism and told to leave.

See what I mean? You mess with the ‘fro, You gotta go.

She is studying at a white man’s university, speaking the white man’s language, holding a white man’s invention (the microphone) and wearing woven cloth. Is that not “Cultural theft”?

Ironically Farai Mubaiwa (a “born free”) got entry into Stellenbosch University after she wrote an essay about what it is to be a “Born Free” in the new South Africa and how they see their roles in the future of South Africa. The title of her essay was “The Year of the Chosen Ones” and it earned her first prize and R1000.

Farai’s closing lines were; “I share a dream with Mandela whereby “Each one of us is as intimately attached to the soil of this country as are the Jacaranda trees of Pretoria”. With the passion, pride, and power of The Chosen Ones, South Africa will progress into the nation it is meant to be. Colour, sexuality, and class will no longer be of importance. As we did so at birth, we will continue to dance to revolutionary songs and jive as we better our nation. I am indeed a Born-Free!”

AAHHH yes! The hypocrisy is just sickening. Are they going to throw Farai Mubaiwa out of Stellenbosch again? I don’t think so. Don’t expect this to be even mentioned in the English press.

By:  Mike Smith

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