Geography Lesson For ANC Voters. Azania, Here We Come!

Where the ANC thinks Azania is…

Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa wants to change the name of South Africa.

Mthethwa On Drive To Rename South Africa

Mthethwa told party supporters during a cadre’s forum on Sunday that South Africa was not the name of the country, but just “a geographical description of where we are”.

To tell the truth, the country does not have a name. It is not there,” he said.

The president of the African Peoples’ Convention, Themba Godi, said South Africa should have followed the examples of Namibia and Zimbabwe, who changed their colonial names after independence.

Now I just wonder, because… Said his Kaffir Greatness, Mthethwa, “The name of uMthwalume village in the south coast was wrongly spelt as it was supposed to be uMthwalumi.”

OK, fine…just please tell me which alphabet the Zulus used to spell “uMthwalumi”before the whites brought the Roman alphabet and taught the Zulus how to read and write their own language?

Where Azania actually is

Problem is that his preferred name of “Azania” comes from the Greeks and the Romans who called the stretch of coast between Kenya and Tanzania, “Azania”.

Nevertheless, I fully support their drive to call their shithole “Azania” or whatever they want.

South Africa…was a wonderful, clean and efficient First World country. The Rand was worth more than the dollar. South Africa was an autarky, self-sufficient in every way, where we made everything from ice cream to nuclear weapons. We had real programmes like a space programme, not a programme to change place names. Our schools and universities were on par with the best in the world and where the rest of Africa starved in their Socialist Utopias, South Africa prospered with an abundance of food and water for everyone.

This crime infested, corrupt shithole the ANC created is not “South Africa”. It is a goddamn embarrassment.

How The Non-Indigenous Bantu Settlers Colonised South Africa

By Mike Smith
14th of June 2017


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