Free handout – Mayor loses the plot completely with informal settlement conversion

So the mayor of Ekurhuleni now wants to convert all the informal settlements, that pollute our city, into formal townships with a free handout of land and the supply of all services and facilities.

As is usual with the ANC, the idea is ill-conceived and is purely politically motivated. It will lead to economic ruin.

Where is the money for this madness to come from? Why, the honest ratepayers of the city of course – those of us who are already struggling to survive the stifling burden of monthly payments for which we get very little in return.

If this plan ever goes ahead, there will be an immediate influx of hundreds of thousands of people from all over South Africa, all wanting to cash in on the free bonanza.

The crime rate will increase exponentially, property values will fall, businesses will move elsewhere, job opportunities will plummet, those of us with the skills the city needs will get the hell out and the city’s fall into chaos and squalor will escalate.

This mayoral madness must be stopped – now

Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality: Mzwandile Masina

EKURHULENI’s informal settlements will soon be recognised as formal township settlements. Furthermore, the metro would defend what they call a “public-interest position” in court if they needed to.

This revelation was made by Ekurhuleni Mayor Mzwandile Masina during his first State of the City Address in Germiston on Wednesday last week.

“We as a city are working to upgrade the spatial profile of the informal settlements that house about 164 000 households. We will give to the people all municipal land that was classified as ‘illegally occupied’ by people in informal settlements,” Masina explained to the crowd outside the council chambers.

The city would legalise the security of tenure of informal settlement households in order to ensure a certainty about the future, he said.

“We will expropriate on their behalf all private land that was not developed since 1994, and has since been occupied by our people to build informal settlements.”

Masina said the city would go as far as defending this public-interest position in court if there were any litigation against the metro.

“Vacant land that remains undeveloped over extended periods will be pursued for expropriation by the city in response to our challenge of landlessness. After legally transferring this land to the people, we will have the informal settlements recognised as formal township settlements,” the mayor assured the crowd.

Next, he added, the many informal settlements around the city would be given access to basic service delivery including the upgrading of their road infrastructure.

Free handout - Mayor loses the plot completely with informal settlement conversion

Informal settlement to be converted into townships.

Gravel roads would be improved and tarred roads would be built as soon as financial capacity allowed for this, he continued.

People would also have access to refuse collection trucks, water services, road maintenance and engineering personnel, as well as ambulances and other emergency services. The city would continue, as well, to provide sanitation services to households as part of maintaining their dignity.

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