Founder’s Day: Thank You Jan Van Riebeeck

By Mike Smith
6th of April 2017

Today is the day that our Dutch founding father, Governor Jan van Riebeeck, arrived at the Cape of Good Hope and lit the flame of civilization on the southern tip of darkest Africa. The Day South Africa as a country was born and a day I celebrate religiously every year.

In the old South Africa this was a holiday called, Founders Day and the Cape Coloureds had a song praising Jan van Riebeeck called “Ons sê dankie, vir jou Jan van Riebeeck”, but it was also one of the first things the racist ANC abolished in 1994, because to them, and as President (yours not mine) Zuma so hatefully said, All South Africa’s problems began with Jan van Riebeeck landing at the Cape

Up until the fall of Apartheid and the release of the ANC terrorist Nelson Mandela from prison in 1992, Jan van Riebeeck’s face appeared on our currency the Rand. It was replaced with the animals of the Big Five, but in 2012 the ANC placed the mug shot of Mandela on all denominations of the Rand…giving birth to the nickname of the Mickey Mouse, Banana Republic currency, “Randelas”…a currency that will soon, thanks to President (yours not mine) Zuma, be worth Fuck All…worth less than the bananas on the tree.

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