Food Prices my rise due to Radical Economic Transformation

The fact that the new finance minister appears quite indifferent about the country’s newly acquired junk status, and the fact that President Zuma did not want to talk about it, is shocking. It shows an absolute indifference to the fate of consumers and the poor of the country, said the president of TAU SA, Mr. Louis Meintjes.

“When Mr. Zuma announced his cabinet reshuffle, in a statement he said, that it will help to promote radical economic transformation. Now we see firsthand that the outcome of Mr. Zuma and his government’s radical economic transformation, which certainly does not benefit the consumer and the poor,” said Mr. Meintjes.

“TAU want to place on record that the farmers will not be blamed if food prices rise due to the country’s junk status. The farmers do not want another charge against them especially since they are maliciously accused of stealing their land.

“Food prices will rise, but the blame for this will be squarely on Mr. Zuma and his radical economic transformation team. He and his government will have to explain how it happened,” said Mr. Meintjes.

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