FN Challenges EFF leader to repeat hate statements in public

Front National Challenges EFF leader to speak out in public the statements he made in the security of parliament.

Front National wishes to express their serious objection to the statements made by the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Mr Julius Malema, in the national Parliament on 18 June 2014.

Since the moment of his arrival in Parliament after the May 7th elections, Mr Malema expressed his lack of respect for the institutions of democracy and the Parliament by the way the representatives of the party dresses for Parliamentary sessions and in the way in which Mr Malema, in his speech, addressed the Speaker.
Front National respects democracy and the standing of the National Parliament and seriously objects to the public display of disregard being made of it.

Further to this, Mr Malema’s degrading statements regarding white South Africans and their linguistic capabilities borders on hate speech. To say that white people who does not speak an African language cannot be regarded as a friend, is uncalled for and irresponsible. Afrikaans, as an official language, is also an indigenous language. It is utterly unacceptable that Afrikaans speaking citizens should be barred from the labour market because of an inability to speak a number of other languages. If that be the case, the same criteria should be used for black South Africans who cannot speak Afrikaans.
Front National cannot see how it could be expected of white South African citizens to support the National Parliament and the cost of maintaining it, by paying taxes as is expected of responsible citizens, if the institution is abused for racially based attacks on this segment of the broad population.
Mr Malema is obviously well aware of the fact that his Parliamentary Prerogative prevents charges of hate speech made against him. Front National challenges Mr. Malema to repeat his racist and degrading statements about white South Africans in public where he is not protected by Parliamentary Prerogative. Front National also calls upon the Speaker of the National Parliament not to allow Mr. Malema or any other member of the house to abuse their status for racist attacks upon white South Africans or for personal attacks on any other member of Parliament. The Speaker must take a firm stand to maintain the decorum of the Parliament in the eyes of the International community.

Persverklaring / Press Release 19 Junie 2014


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