FeesMustFall protests descend into chaos in Cape Town

A third wave of #FeesMustFall protests has been marred by violence, as the demonstration marched its way to Parliament.

The students are demanding the release of the fees commission report, which details funding of tertiary education. These protesters have made a slashing of tuition fees their main issue to raise, on the day Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba released his Mid Term Budget plans for South Africa.

Latest pictures, shared by ENCA, show students taking cover as running battles broke out with armed police forces. Students from both the University of Cape Town (UCT) and Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) are thought to be part of the large crowds.

3 Points on What’s #FeesMustFall are all about?

  • Students are vowing to shut down both UCT and the CPUT universities, in a bid to force tuition fees down, rather than ‘freezing’ current costs
  • They’re also demanding all protest-related court cases against students be dropped.
  • Some higher education institutions have called on Zuma to release the report as they prepare their 2018 budgets.

Protests began earlier this morning, when large groups of demonstrators occupied various buildings across UCT. Exams were disrupted, the main library was forced to close down, and some bright spark set a fire hose off during drought season.

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