Father and son fight for their lives during home invasion

LYDENBURG – Two suspected burglars realised a little too late that they had broken into the wrong house on Saturday morning.

Jacob Albrecht who lives with his mother Ria, father Karel and brother Izak at 29 Fourie Street, woke up in his bedroom and felt something behind him. His immediate thought was that it might be one of his friends playing a trick on him.

“However, when I opened my eyes, I saw a man holding a gun to my head while the other was already busy tying me up with one of my belts. The one who tied me up was armed with a screwdriver and a knife.” The one suspect started carrying various items out of the house, while his accomplice continued to hold Jacob at gunpoint. The burglars then led Jacob to Ria and Karel’s bedroom.

“In that time I had managed to loosen the belt. When the first one entered the room the dogs inside immediately started barking.” At that point, the man holding the gun came past me towards their bedroom. At that exact time, Jaco grabbed the suspect with the gun and his father grabbed the other.

A struggle ensued and a shot was fired. It missed Jacob as it ricocheted from the floor tiles into the wall. Jacob and his father were able to disarm the suspects. In the meantime, Izak also came out of his room after the commotion. Jacob and his father held the suspects down and the police were called.

Capt Alfred Moela, Lydenburg SAPS spokesman, confirmed the incident and said the suspects were arrested on the scene. “Possession was laid on a Webly revolver, a screwdriver and a knife. The suspects, Jack Kgewete and Andries Lebidike appeared in the Lydenburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

Kgwete gave a false name during his arrest and it was later discovered that he was out on bail for other armed-robbery cases he had committed last year.” Their next court appearance will be on July 24. They remain in police custody.

By: Narda Vermaak/Steelburger

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