Farmers have to cede a quarter of their farms for BEE

The recent announcement by the government that the Code for Black Economic Empowerment is adjusted so that at least a quarter of each farm should be black owned in the future if products are supplied to the government, has certain effects on smaller farms with a turnover of R10 million and R50 million.

It was published in a Government Gazette during December 2017.

“LO SA is convinced that food does not have colour, and as a result, members of the union produce food to all consumers in the country and even to residents of our neighbouring states without imposing conditions,” said Mr. Louis Meintjes, the president of TAU SA. “We are outspoken proponents of the free market system and the recognition of private ownership and, consequently, we believe that this provision implies certain compulsion on individual entrepreneurs regarding their preferred economic choice and right to association that directly interfere with both Art 18 as well as Art 22 of the Constitution. ”

The original article can be found in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger

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