Farmer of Mpumalanga arrested after his alleged attacker dies

A 51-year-old farmer from Mpumalanga has been taken into custody after he stabbed his attacker who later died on Friday.

The farmer whose name will not be released until he appears in court said that he was driving between Heidel Valley and Rocky Drift when a young man threw a rock at the vehicle. The farmer stopped to inspect the damage when the suspect picked up a rock and attacked the farmer. It was at this stage, the farmer stabbed the suspect.

The farmer immediately contacted a college and explained that there was an accident and requested an ambulance. The suspect was still alive when the emergency services arrived but died later.

The farmer was then taken into custody at the Whiteriver Police Station and attempts to get bail remained fruitless. The farmer will stay in detention until he appears in court on Monday.

Albert Gravenstein, the operations manager of Bossies Community Justice, called on the public to remain calm and let justice take its course.

The farmer and his lawyer understand the legal situation and are committed to cooperating.

By: South Africa Today – South Africa News

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