Farm land in Eastern Cape destroyed in fire

Seven farms, totalling 37 000 hectares, have been destroyed in veld fires at Barkley-East in the Eastern Cape. Firefighters and farmers are currently trying to fight the blaze, but are struggling to keep it at bay.

Four farms have totally been destroyed by the fire and farm animals have been burnt to death. At this stage, there is no feed for the remaining surviving animals and farmers are desperately pleading with people all across the country for help.

A family member of one of the farmers, Louise Venter, says luckily no houses have been burnt down, but the grazing land is tarnished, leaving nothing behind for the animals.

“At this stage, we do not know what the worth of the damage is. What we do know is that 37 000 hectares have been affected by the fires,” says Venter.

The cause of the fire is also yet to be determined. According to the community, the fire came over the mountain from Lady Grey’s side.

“Members of the farmers’ association say they do not have the necessary funds but have managed to get water and food for all the workers that are helping. We are looking at donations for animal feed to keep the remaining sheep and cattle alive,” says Venter.

Members of the community will be meeting tonight to discuss the way forward, and how the general public might assist.

By: OFM News

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