Facebook goes full Fascist in defence of Totalitarian Islam and the European / US Invasion by 3rd world migrants

If you suspected FaceBook are using its massive network to sway opinion in favour of its political and monetary agenda, YOU ARE RIGHT! See below for actual examples as proof. We urge you to use alternatives like VK.com

Facebook is the creation of a far left radical liberal and is arbitrarily suppressing MILLIONS of users’ political opinions to serve their own financial and political agendas. It is not free nor fair nor open to all.

We at SA-News have had our own Facebook page, with 22,000 followers deleted because of a screenshot that showed an example of a black person threatening to kill whites. This EXACT same screenshot however was deemed to not be against Facebook policies when it was complained about on a black persons profile. CLEARLY FACEBOOK SUPPORT BLACKS THREATENING TO KILL WHITES, but do not like it exposed.

This was the offending screenshot which was deemed to both appropriate AND inappropriate:


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Here are two more self explanatory examples of Facebook’s prejudicial stance on heterosexual marriage and their racemixing agenda:



Please read below, and take action immediately before it’s too late. (This has nothing to do with FB being a privately-held corporation so see beyond that.)

Many Facebook users may have experienced at least some form of speech suppression by their beloved so-called “Social Network” — the most common being through the enforcement of vague “Community Standards” — i.e. Facebook’s moderators removing posts that they deem “inappropriate” without notice or an opportunity to be heard on the matter; Facebook automatically hiding their comments flagged as “spam”; etc.



Another day — and another attempt at silencing any justified criticism of Muslim “migrants”, as Mark Zuckerberg joins the politically correct brigade, promising to clamp down on any “hate speech” directed towards “migrants” on Facebook…

“Hate speech has no place on Facebook and in our community,” he said

Whilst many consider this a particularly brave move to enforce his own political opinions onto the platform, it does seem particularly contradictory to the statement he released immediately after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in which he openly committed to “building a service where you can speak freely” Clearly Zuckerbergs position on freedom of speech changes depending on what the political flavour of the month happens to be at the time.

You have to wonder what he has planned next — Will Donald Trump supporters also find themselves under the microscope and find their account banned for supporting his anti‑immigration policies? It will be interesting to see just what the “Facebook Police” deem as being “hateful”, because if they follow the liberal media’s narrative — simply reporting the facts would fall under that category and therefore be banned under this controversial decision.

Will it be hateful to report on the fact more migrants have gang‑raped German women? Will it be hateful to comment on migrants raping young boys in the swimming pools?

Will our accounts now get banned for sharing a status about the daily violence from migrants in Calais?

Will Facebook remove Pegida’s events from the social network? Angela Merkel has clearly been a major influence over Zuckerberg’s u‑turn on freedom of speech, after the pair were overheard exchanging words on a live transmission broadcast on the United Nations website.

Zuckerberg was heard saying, “We need to do some work” in reference to “ the German push against “racist” posts on the Internet.

zuckerberg merkel


The Germany government is taking a hard line against online critics of its refugee policies. In September, it also emerged that the government had hired an organisation led by a former Stasi agent to patrol Facebook for allegedly xenophobic comments. Since that unofficial meeting with Merkel, the 31‑year old billionaire has now said the German leadership in the refugee crisis has been “inspiring” and a “role model for the world.”

Huh? — Did you really just say inspiring? The Germans “open door policy” has been nothing short of a shambolic farce and it should be ok to say so. The more pressure that is put on Merkel and her weak willed cronies by highlighting the consequences of allowing migrants to flood into Europe — the more I hope it will help prevent anymore disgusting rapes of the indigenous population which is continuing to thrive at an alarming rate.

Let’s be honest — Is it really “inspiring” to have hundreds of women raped or sexually assaulted by migrants who see western women as fair game?

Does it feel “Inspiring” to learn that Merkel’s open door policy has resulted in 130,000 migrants simply disappearing off the radar into the abyss? The only inspiration I garner from this is to do everything I can in my powers to highlight the untold destruction and chaos this Muslim invasion of Europe has brought with it, but even this may no longer be possible. Will other social networks follow his lead?

The irony in all this is that had it not been for Facebook, the Cologne NYE gang rapes would have never been reported in the Media, so Zuckerberg’s ban on reporting the facts could mean that future attacks by migrants may be hidden from the world forever…

Let that sink in for a minute…


Do you really want to trust these anti-European, anti-Christian, Genocidal Miscegenists running Facebook to censor your comments section?

2-21-2016 Pamela Geller: Muslim posted death threat on Facebook page


1/13/16 Just when you think FaceBook couldn’t possibly sink any lower… Facebook bans blogger for post defending victims of migrant rape


1/10/16 Reports say Facebook banning Donald Trump supporters, blame Michael Moore


12/10/15 Treasonous islam coddling Facebook escalates jihad against anti-terror conservatives


9/19/15 Facebook bans owner of pro-veteran page for being ‘insensitive’


8-19 15 Facebook: Picture promoting traditional marriage violates community standards

7-28-15 Facebook: Marine Corps emblem violates community standards



3-1-2015 The scum running Facebook are also censoring and harassing the 12 year old who spoke out against Hussein


Mark Zuckerberg, an openly liberal billionaire and founder of Facebook, (who is in debt to most of Wall Street), has been facing mounting criticism lately from the right, for what they claim to be a “fascist” attack on their freedom of speech and expression after several “anti islam” pages set‑up on the social network were removed for breaching the sites strict anti “hate speech” terms of service.

Britain First, the right‑wing political party who were particularly vocal about their views on anti‑immigration and Islam, are now funding a legal appeal against Facebook, claiming that the removal of their own Facebook page is a “violation of the freedom of expression to over 1 million supporters” who had liked the page since its inception.

Donald Trump has brought the issue and concerns that many feel are justified about immigration to the forefront of his political campaign, and whilst admittedly some of his views have been controversial, it appears that he is not alone, as is evident with his staggering 20 point lead ahead of his nearest competitor in the race for the White House. It appears that Zuckerberg may have heavily misjudged the opinions of what is now a majority in America, and still continues to side with the liberal narrative by openly pledging his support to the global Muslim population in the wake of a rising tide of anti‑Muslim sentiment worldwide.

“If you’re a Muslim in this community, as the leader of Facebook I want you to know that you are always welcome here and that we will fight to protect your rights and create a peaceful and safe environment for you,” Zuckerberg writes.

You have to wonder whether Zuckerberg’s priorities at pushing his own political agenda are somewhat mis‑guided, considering the current threat that ISIS and other Islamic terror groups pose. Whilst pages that are deemed to be “Islamaphobic” are quickly reported and removed, it appears very little is being done to tackle the spread of extremist pro ISIS rhetoric or combat the recent trend of online radicalisation by terror groups using the site for their own gain. Facebook even recently went as far as to publicly refuse to take down a known ISIS terror group fan page with over 6000 members titled “Shia Ibn E Mutta” (a derogatory term for Shia marriages), despite numerous reports from outraged Facebook users.

Facebook says; “We reviewed the page you reported for containing hate speech or “ symbols and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.”

Clearly Facebook is somewhat selective as to how they apply their “community standards”, but it has left many scratching their heads as to understand the logic behind allowing a group which Al Qaeda themselves branded “too extreme” to be allowed to continue preaching hatred openly on the site.

It’s interesting to note that Zuckerberg’s position on “freedom of speech” appears to change depending on what current events are taking place at the time. Immediately after the Charlie Hebdo massacre for example, the social media CEO said that Facebook will remain “committed” to providing a service where users can express their opinions and beliefs, “freely without fear of violence”, even if the content causes offence. So why the U‑turn? Ultimately, Zuckerberg is allowed to do what he wants, it’s his site after all, and as they are not a government bound by the constitution, they can ban whatever they like, but I can’t help but feel that he should be more consistent in what is deemed to violate the sites code of conduct, even if it is “bad for business”.

The public opinion now is increasingly becoming frustrated by political correctness, and those that may have previously remained silent on issues of immigration or religion are now standing up for their right to disagree, which should be encouraged and not stifled. Admittedly, Facebook has an almost impossible job of moderating a site with over 1.55 billion monthly active users, but targeting high‑profile right wing organisations on Facebook to make it appear on the surface that Facebook are in control and appease liberal sensibilities does nothing to tackle the real threat of genuine extremist organisations that are using the site to actively enrol young impressionable muslims into their violent ideology and carry out violent attacks of unspeakable terrorism.

This should be the priority without question

We urge you find and use alternatives like VK.com and hit FB where it hurts…


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