Elderly woman brutally assualted – Why use such excessive violence?

GEORGE NEWS – An elderly George woman, Ria Kruger (75), was so brutally assaulted at a house in Akasia Street, George East, that she had to undergo surgery to drain blood off her brain at Mediclinic George.

The incident happened in broad daylight on Tuesday morning 18 April.

Kruger arrived at her friends’ home in Akasia Street at the exact time a burglar was trying to break in. Speaking to the George Herald on condition of anonymity, the owners of the house said they were not expecting Kruger and she arrived while they were out shopping.

“She was knocking on the front door and obviously we did not open,” the wife said. The thug, who was at the back of the house, must have heard Kruger and came around from the back where he was presumably trying to get in through a sliding door.

He called Kruger and said that the owners of the house were busy at the clothes line at the back.

Kruger went around the house and as soon as she was out of sight from the street, the thug threw her on the lawn, trampled on her and kicked her in the face.

According to Kruger’s sister, Marleen Potgieter, the attacker repeatedly said he was going to kill her. “She lost consciousness and he must have thought she was dead.”

The man fled with Kruger’s handbag that contained her purse, bank and medical cards, cell phone and cash, among other things. He also took the necklace she was wearing. “When she came to, she struggled to get up and stumbled across the street to get help at doctors’ rooms across from the house. Someone gave her some tea,” said Potgieter.

When her friends arrived home, the doctor’s receptionist called them. The wife said, “I got the shivers when I saw her and heard what had happened. It could only have been the Heavenly Father who helped her get across the street.”

An ambulance was called and Kruger was admitted to Mediclinic. According to Potgieter, the operation was scheduled for 17:00 yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon. “The doctor explained to Ria that it might be a more serious operation than anticipated, depending on the extent of the bleeding. One reads and hears of such crimes, but when it comes so close, you ask yourself, why not just grab her stuff and run?

Why use such excessive violence?

 Elderly woman brutally attacked - Why use such excessive violence:

Ria Kruger (75),

My sister is such a small, fragile person. She weighs only 57kg and does not stand a chance.It is completely senseless. He was not expecting her and yet he was quick to think of tricking her to get her to the back of the house.

“I am jittery and shocked, but we are trusting our Heavenly Father that He will make the best decision going forward. We know that Ria is in his hands as well as in good medical hands.”

The police did not respond to a query regarding the incident, but according to a trusted source, a suspect has been arrested.

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