Elderly man died while putting on a fight to protect his wife during brutal attack in Hibberdene

Courageous husband put his life on the line while attempting to protect his beloved wife during a break-in at their home located in Hibberdene on Monday evening.

Three intruders gain access to the Kleynhans household by launching a piece of wood during a window. Petrus Kleynhans (71) and his wife were watching television while the incident occurred. The invaders took the couple by surprise and brutally attacked them. During the ordeal Mr. Kleynhans fought the intruders in a valiant effort to protect his wife. He was stabbed multiple times and died on the scene. His wife was also seriously injured and was transported to the nearest hospital.

Police Spokesman, Lieutenant-Colonel Zandra Wiid confirmed the attack and in her statement indicated that the men fled taking a television and cellphones. She also confirmed that no arrests have been made.


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