Elderly Couple Brutally Attacked In Hazyview

He was badly beaten with a rolling pin made of marble.

Attie van Tonder.

An elderly couple from Hazyview was left traumatised and injured when two suspects attacked them in their home this morning.

It is alleged that two young men entered the couple’s home after which they were caught in the act.

“My mother saw them in the house. My husband Attie heard the commotion and as he confronted them, he was badly beaten with a rolling pin made of marble,” said Stella van Tonder.  He sustained minor head injuries and received medical attention shortly after the incident. She suspects that she might have sustained a fracture to her foot.

She added that when she tried to assist him, one of the suspects threw her to the ground and assaulted her. She described the suspects as two young men, wearing matching green trousers.

Spes-Plan Security was hot on their heels, but the suspects escaped through the Sand River and are still at large.

Hazyview Herald

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