Eastern Cape Blacks Exonerate Apartheid. Saying Apartheid Was Better

It is not often that you hear this kind of objectivity from Blacks:

“We shot ourselves in the foot by toppling the apartheid Government‚” residents of an Eastern Cape village said on Thursday.

We were better off under Apartheid Timeslive, Malibongwe Dayimani, 21 Juli, 2016

Last I heard this kind of objectivity was when the Zulu king said the same.
Zulu King slams South African democracy; says Apartheid was better

But I guess things must be pretty bad if the Blacks in the ANC’s former stronghold of the Eastern Cape are admitting that they were better off under Apartheid.

“Tsholomnqa villagers had been waiting for a tarred road and decent houses for decades”‚ said community leader‚ Wele Ntshongola.”

Decades? Two long decades? You have been voting ANC continuously for two long decades and hoped, believed and trusted this spawn of Satan would deliver? Tell me something, Wele…why do you get upset when Whites call you stupid?

I often get some liberal twats on here who say that Apartheid was evil, oppressed the Blacks and the Chief Ministers of the Homelands were all corrupt.

I don’t know. Maybe they were corrupt. Show me one Sub-Saharan country where Blacks are in charge that is NOT corrupt. However acknowledging that they were all corrupt should then be a clear sign that they were not fit to govern in the first place. So when are liberals going to apologise for betting on the wrong horse?

Continued Wele Ntshongola…”This village was in a good state under the Ciskei homeland led by LL (Lenox) Sebe. We used to have a tarred road… with workers who used to maintain it as well as free seed‚ crops and livestock.” He said they celebrated when democracy dawned.“Little did we know that democracy would bring more oppression.”

“I am not saying that I agree with the policies or laws of apartheid‚ but at least we were getting service delivery back then,” Ntshongola said.

Tja…you criticized the part without understanding the whole. You chucked the baby out with the bathwater and raised a monster. Now you complain?

Maybe, just maybe it is, Mr. Ntshongola, that you never understood those policies of Apartheid properly. Anytime you want me to explain it to you, drop me a line.

See, the Apartheid government didn’t lie to blacks like the liberals and socialist do. We were honest with you and told you the truth.

The liberals and socialists lied to you. Their starting point was and still is that there are no differences between Whites and Blacks when simple observations tell us differently.

The Apartheid Government acknowledged the differences in culture, in language, in beliefs and values of all the tribes of South Africa and acknowledged their rights to rule themselves and preserve their languages and cultures which are to a large extent distinct and sui generis.

The creation of the homelands of Ciskei, Transkei, Boputhatswane, and Venda, etc, was not much different to what the Americans and Canadians did with the creation of the Indian and Eskimo Reservations. In those countries those policies were considered “Progressive”, why should it be different in South Africa?

In those countries they forcibly moved the Indians en masse to these reservations far away from their original lands, whereas in South Africa we created the Black homelands on the soil the Blacks picked out for themselves and settled themselves and we had more success than the USA and Canada as far as the protection of minorities and development of these homelands were concerned.

Instead of a “melting pot model” where all minorities were expected to speak one language (English) and where the American Negro lost his original culture and language in what can only be considered a “Cultural Genocide”, Apartheid South Africa insisted on mother tongue education for all groups in at least the primary school level and preserved the languages and cultures of South African Blacks.

Today the Xhosa culture and language is intact, because of Apartheid, not despite it. The same for the Zulu culture, the Venda, the Sotho, etc.

Surely then our system of Apartheid or “Separate Development” should have been considered even MORE progressive than that of the USA or Canada. If you break it down, Separate Development was based on the science of Anthropology, classical Western Liberalism and the Christian values of “live and let live”, “empathy” and “fairness”.

Apartheid ideologues were not mindless “racists” who opposed the principle of equality and wanted to “oppress” the native. However, bringing about equality brings up the big paradox of the racial egalitarian. Like Professor Stefan Possony (Stanford), the Austrian-born U.S. economist and military strategist who conceived the U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative, popularly known as Star Wars, explained: “If the principle of equality is to be implemented in a realistic and not in a purely legal manner, it calls for “unequal” measures.”

See, it works like this…If two people are to be given equal opportunities and if one person is handicapped while the other person is not, equal opportunity exists only if the handicapped individual is helped more amply and by qualitatively different means. Furthermore, the principle of equality does not apply only to individuals, but also to groups of individuals like ethnic groups.

Thus, if one group is “behind” or handicapped while the other is not, the trailing group must be helped more amply; and if the two groups are different in attitude and aptitude, they require differential types of assistance. Legislation that distinguishes between groups does not, because of those distinctions, violate the equality principle, but may implement it: e.g. a progressive tax is an unequal treatment for a strictly egalitarian objective.

In the 1960’s South Africa stood accused before the International Court of Justice for “oppressing” and “exploiting” the natives, the judges, although they might not have agreed with Apartheid, after hearing South Africa’s case, disregarded the accusations which, for that matter, were dropped by the applicants themselves. The applicants then changed their strategy and tried to build a case on current world trends and world opinions instead of facts…and failed miserably. The court threw their case out.

Based on the 3000 pages of irrefutable evidence, in 1966, the Apartheid government was found NOT GUILTY by the ICJ of oppressing and exploiting any blacks in or of South Africa.

You want to see “Exploitation”, Mr. Ntshongola??

Do you know where the International Court of Justice is? It is in The Hague in the Netherlands. I have been there. Do you know what else you will find in The Hague? There is a surviving document , a letter from Peter Schaghen, the original of which is held by the Rijksarchief in The Hague, showing how the Dutch bought Manhattan from the Lenape (Delaware) Indians for 60 Guilders back in 1624, drove them off their lands, and killed them off either by gun or smallpox. In 1630 they also bought Staten Island for another 60 Guilders. There is your exploitation.

How the Dutch bought Manhattan and Staten Island

Yes…these same hypocritical Dutch who criticized us South Africans for “exploiting blacks”, who formed the Dutch Anti-Apartheid Movement and assisted the ANC, who is today destroying South Africa; destroying the various cultures and languages of South Africa…bought Manhattan for 60 Guilders. Today they are also waking up and seeing that South Africa and Apartheid wasn’t so bad after all.

Besides what is exploitation? This concept of “exploitation” which is bandied about frequently by Liberal idiots is derived from dubious Marxian economics.

Apartheid South Africa had real economic policies such as the “Small Business Development Corporation” which helped blacks to become successful business people. And many did. Many became millionaires. The entire black taxi industry was created as such. Was that “exploitation”?

The South African policy of “Separate and equal development” (Apartheid) was not there to legalize exploitation but to prevent and suppress it. The objective was to foster the economic development of ALL groups living in the Republic, not the development of one group at the expense of the other.

One of the major objectives of Apartheid was not to racially discriminate against anybody but to eradicate racial discrimination. In a homogenous society where people vote for their own and rule themselves, there cannot be any “racism”; There cannot be any “exploitation” of one race by another. This was exactly the reason for the homelands.

Sure Apartheid was not perfect. No political system is. Liberals were often fascinated by minor incidents of petty Apartheid and laid traps to make it look ridiculous, but forgot that any policy has its costs and penalties and yes, there were defects. The South African “Blueprint” for Apartheid was not complete and many procedures and solutions were tested experimentally. Some situations were unique and others very unpredictable; Some officious bureaucrats and “Stasieblompotte” interpreted regulations by the letter instead of by common sense, but that will always be so. We are only human.

Be it as it may, there is every reason to criticize mistakes, because criticism is the first step on the road to improvement, but the criticism is not valid unless it is derived from a full comprehension of the overall facts and holistic observation of the entire system. The part cannot be criticized effectively if the whole is not seen, let alone understood.

You see, Mr. Ntshongola…What you blacks did was to reject Apartheid without understanding it. Now you have the ANC and you call them worse than Apartheid as if Apartheid was something bad, yet you long back to the days of Apartheid when you had excellent infrastructure. How should we whites understand this?

You Mr. Ntshongola, claims the villagers are mostly ANC supporters and should be prioritised by the government. Do you still have hopes that they will? You demonstrated at their offices, but they ignored you. They have ignored your knocking at their door for 22 years. When are you going to kick the damn door down?

You now have to buy gravel to fix the roads yourself, just so that the police, ambulances and fire brigades can reach you in times of need because the useless ANC has done nothing for you in the past 22 years, yet you support them and vote for them election after election? Why? The mind boggles, Mr. Ntshongola. Is it simply because they have a black skin because surely it cannot be on merit?

So you tell me Mr. Ntshongola, who are the real mindless “racists” here? And then you wonder why we call you backward, ignorant and stupid Kaffirs?

I will tell you why you are “backwards” Mr. Ntshongola.

It is because you are far behind the times. Look north to your Sub-Saharan brothers who are daily fleeing their black run governments in their tens of thousands risking life and limb and scrambling off to white run European countries. By the time you lot in SA wake up, Europe will be full of your central African brethren and there won’t be space for you SA Bantus anymore. You are too far south; too far back. It is like a pyramid scheme; you need to get in first. You need to move it, move it. Gajima, gajima!
BTW…Say “hi” to the Dutch from me.

Just be warned that in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria they have already started introducing segregation laws and rules. That’s right. They have Apartheid at swimming pools and trains. Apartheid is coming to Europe fast.

Just a few days ago a 17yo Afghanistani migrant who lived with a white German foster family for a few months since he entered less than a year ago, stabbed and hacked people with a knife and axe on a train near Würzburg in Bavaria after shouting “Allahu Akbar!” (Allah is great). Now the Germans are forcing migrants to wear a pass on them at all times and when stopped by the police they should present it immediately. Failure to do so will result in imprisonment and deportation.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

When we did exactly the same in the 1950’s they also called us, “Stupid”, Ignorant” and “Backwards”…. “Dumb Dutchmen” and “White kaffirs”, they called us…And now? Should we call them the same?

Now they can see we were not “backwards”. In fact, we were 50-60 years ahead of Europe. We were visionaries. What we have forgotten about Apartheid they must still learn, and are learning more and more every day. Tja,…Manchmal ist Schadenfreude wirklich die schönste Freude.

Just like the blacks in the Eastern Cape are only waking up now and seeing that Apartheid was far better, Europeans will also come to realize very soon that Apartheid will be their only solution, because the other, in the words of Prime Minister John Vorster, is just too ghastly to contemplate.

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