This case was classified to be thé “Priority Case” for the Mosselbaai Detectives when first interviewed in June 2016 after discovering the bodies of the murdered Human couple at their home in the hamlet town of Great Brak River where they had lived for more than 20 years.

The State vs. Thamsamqa Howard Sishuba  is to start on 29th August to 15th September at 9am daily in court F6 of the Mosselbay High Court.

It is believed that on 14 June 2016 in the early hours of the morning Eurika and Tewie Human of Sandhoogtepad in Great Brak River were attacked and brutally murdered. Shishuba is believed to be one of the accomplices and has remained in custody since his arrest in July 2016 pending further investigation. Police and Detectives have been unsuccessful thus far in the capture of (Steven) Lebohang Rethabile Lekoro from Lesotho, a former employee of the deceased and the main suspect in this case. South Africa and Lesotho have an Extradition Treaty and an application from the NPA for the Provisional Arrest from the Kingdom of Lesotho was submitted in December 2016 to Interpol but has since delivered no response in the subsequent followup of this application or the arrest of Lekoro.


In a similar case – Lehlohonolo Joseph Scott, a Lesotho National was extradited from South Africa after murdering his neighbours, escaping from custody in Lesotho and subsequently fleeing to South Africa. He was arrested after the Lesotho State had filed the necessary application for his arrest, in 2014 an extradition hearing took place in Durban and subsequently he was delivered to the Lesotho Authorities in 2015.

Since Shishuba is the only suspect in custody it is imperative that Interpol, the Lesotho Government and Police Service act on the request immediately in order to capture Lekoro and have him stand trial in South Africa as there seems to be no reasonable explanation for them to not being willing to co-operate. Therefore the feit of Shishuba remains uncertain as the case will commence next week and Lekoro remains in Lesotho a free man. Crime Intelligence has supposedly been monitoring Lekoro’s movements the past year inside Lesotho but no proof of his exact whereabouts have surfaced.

Eurika Human was found inside the house and her husband Tewie outside in the garage. Due to the brutality of the murders and the careful planning involved this case is sure to draw attention not only in Mosselbay but Nation wide. The main suspect or “Mastermind” Lekoro as the Police referred to him, carried out his attack with precision as he managed to escape to Lesotho, always one step ahead of the Detectives. According to the Police they had all the top detectives on this case and it will now be the time to show what they are made of.

The only witnesses to this tragedy……. Jessica & Tikkie, the couples dogs, they were left in the house with the body of Eurika Human for 4 days until discovered by a friend. Tikkie lives with one of the Detectives involved with the case and Jessica resides with one of the couples daughters overseas.

Family of the deceased are asking the community at large to step up, and stand up in support and putting pressure on the government demanding the extradition of Lekoro and by attending and following the court case. Please join us in court and help bring the murderers to justice in one of the most important cases this district has seen in years!

A Reward has been offered for any information leading to the arrest of one Stephen Lebohang Lekoro in Lesotho, please contact W/O Rabie at the Great Brak River Police Station for more info.

(We Believe This Case Deserves Media Attention, To Keep Communities Informed, To Help Stop Crime and Bring Criminals to Justice)


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