Don’t Publish Photos Of Suspected Criminals On Social Media, Says Police

The reckless publishing of photographs of arrested suspects and/or wanted persons on social media can have severe consequences

Police spokesman Captain Daniel Mavimebela

Members of the public shouldn’t post photos of suspected criminals on social media or the Internet.
This was the message from the police following an incident in which snapshots of CCTV footage of a
suspected car thief was distributed on social media.

“The continued reckless publishing of photographs of arrested suspects and/or wanted persons,
especially on social media can have severe consequences,” said police spokesman Captain Daniel

Mavimbela referred to a recent case in which a man was acquitted by the courts after arguing that
his conviction was based on a prejudicial identity parade since his pictures were all over social media
before the parade.

“Therefore, not only does this practice jeopardise investigation of cases, people could also end up in
prison, or with criminal records, wittingly or unwittingly,” said Mavimbela.

In the latest incident, a resident from the east of Pretoria shared snapshots on social media
platforms about a suspect who allegedly stole the resident’s laptop from his car. The suspect
allegedly works for a crime syndicate.

The resident warned shoppers to be careful when leaving their vehicles at shopping centres.
“This syndicate travels between centres and remote jams vehicles.”

“He followed me into the shop after remote jamming my vehicle. Then he turned around to take my
laptop and other valuable items from my car.”

Pretoria East Rekord

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