Did The Wannabe Venda King “Pay-Back-The-Money” For Zuma?

Zuma getting some bullshit award from the wannabe Venda King Toni Ramabulana

So apparently Msholozi Showerhead paid back the R7.8 Million he stole from the taxpayers to pay for his illegal upgrades on his Nkandla palace which actually cost somewhere between R248 million and R256 million, depending on which source you believe.

Of course, the illiterate bastard stole much more, but the court ordered him to only pay back R7.8 million. Problem is that when (and IF) he paid that money back it was an admission of guilt. An admission that he stole that money. Why is he not in prison?

…So I can go to your house steal R248 from you and when I get caught and the court tells me to pay back R7.80 to you…all is forgiven?? Instead, they gave him a brand new (Second) Jet.

What kind of bullshit justice is this? He should be behind bars.

Nevertheless, over the years I have developed a very good rule of thumb; Whatever the ANC says is a lie and whenever they say something, believe the opposite.

So I did not for one moment believe that Zuma paid back as much as one cent of that money. He was never going to and he never will and definitely not out of his own pocket.

Both the EFF and the DA have asked for proof of the payment, but with ravishing speed, MiniMe Edward Zuma came out to defend his daddy insulting anyone who asks uncomfortable questions.

Edward Zuma: “People who ask for proof of Daddy’s Nkandla repayment are retarded”

Apparently, Zuma took out a home loan from the obscure little Bank nobody has ever heard of namely VBS Mutual Bank. Funny enough, Zuma is going to crown Toni Ramabulana, who has shares in the bank, as the Venda King, when in fact his 24year old niece Masindi claims that she is the rightful heir to the throne seeing that she is the only child of the late chief Mphephu, but was overlooked, because she is a woman. In fact she filed a lawsuit in 2012 already to get the coronation stopped.

City Press previously reported that on July 20 a senior VBS Mutual Bank official met with Zuma’s lawyer, Michael Hulley, to discuss the loan. Treasury had announced the R7.8m figure that Zuma had to pay back at the end of June.

The City Press article also stated that through Dyambeu Investment, VBS Mutual Bank had financed “black industrialists who formed part of the country’s broadcast migration project for up to R550 million”.
It is just horrendous the amount of corruption involved everywhere Zuma goes.

By:  Mike Smith
16 September 2016

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