Deceptive Chaos And The Return To Tribal Politics


Whites. We Are Now In Serious Trouble!!!!

If we look at the recent schools which have been burnt down, you will notice they are in the Limpopo province where their new Messiah comes from known as Julius Malema, leader of the EFF sponsored by a faction of the ANC.

In the upcoming elections, the ANC are going to catch a huge wake-up call but the ANC and the EFF have the same agenda in mind, which is first stripping everything from the Whites and then attacking them.

‘Siener’ mentioned Europe at this time will move towards the right and they will look our way. Austria is getting ready to elect its first right-wing president. Right wing, is a code name for anti new world order.

I have mentioned before that the ANC will rush in to implement everything the EFF wants to implement to keep voters, this will leave the EFF with empty promises but are they empty?

I believe when the EFF run out of promises, they will only have one promise left that they can honor and that is the attack on Whites. If they have no land to take over, what else can they promise that the ANC cannot deliver?

I also believe the two parties are working together. The chaos we see in Parliament is nothing more than a show to take our eyes off what is happening in the background. They are distractions.

While the juggler captivates his audience with his fancy tricks, the pickpockets are working the crowd. You can’t see this when you are right in front of the juggler, step back and you can see it clearly.

The EFF (in my mind) is a proxy the ANC have created, in order to do what the ANC cannot do due to the agreements made in 1994. They are using their new force to create chaos, to implement laws in the name of democracy.

With all the problems/distractions around us, we can only focus on so many things before we become worn out and tired of all the chaos in the country.

During this time, they will strip us of everything. From sports, land, bring in land acts, new BEE/AA laws and this is the time we should be concerned about.

There was also the burning down of a school in Natal. In Natal, one of the members of the ANC said part of the problem there was tribalism. So we have tribalism flaring up in two different parts of the country. The Limpopo and Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Tribalism has been simmering at Ha-Mashau, which is a predominately Tshi-Venda speaking area, and Bungeni, which is predominately Xi-Tsonga speaking.

In the upcoming elections, I see the following happen.

The Limpopo will become EFF territory, most of Gauteng will fall into the hands of the EFF, the Cape will remain DA, Natal will lose a lot of votes to the EFF, Northern Cape will be split between DA/ANC, the Eastern Cape will also see many members move from the ANC to the EFF and this is where the major problems begin in this country.

When the ANC see their loss (remember I said only a faction of the ANC are supporting the EFF) many of their members will leave to join the EFF. During this time the ANC will scramble to get votes, the only way they will be able to do this is by fast-tracking land redistribution in a country where food is the scarcest it has ever been.

During this time, we will begin to see clashes and civil services will completely break down. Now will Zuma leave office? I believe the rift of him coming to power and the rift of him either being forced to leave or continuing to stay in power will destroy the ANC within.

If he leaves, he will have to leave the country, if not he will simply land behind bars where he should have remained.

There will severe in fighting with the ANC at this stage and as a result, even more neglect of this country will occur. The violence which will erupt, their eye off the country to try to fix internal issues, will leave many of their debts unpaid. This will lead to a downgrade.

When the downgrades occur, the country will spiral out of control. This will lead to a country with the highest crime without a Police Force and many civil services. Many workers will simply not go to work because they will not be paid salaries.

At this time, the ANC will dip into the Pension Funds to try sort out the financial issues which they face.

With the EFF members getting more and more brazen, not being scared of the ANC, this spells out serious trouble here for the Whites.

There will be a vacuum formed during the clashes that are going to erupt in this country. The ANC Youth League mentioned arming and fighting the EFF.

When the Police sense a loss of power of the ANC, many of them will actually not even get involved with any of the fighting. With the Army now bankrupt, there will be no third party force strong enough to prevent this from spilling out into a semi-contained tribal battleground between the provinces.

We already see the ANC quickly trying to rush through rules regarding farm/land redistribution and this will only speed up. Zuma will not step down because the only promise which he really intends to fulfil is the second part of the transformation agenda.

He said so when he became President. This second phase of the transformation will see Whites first stripped of everything and then, the final assault will begin.

The destruction of this country was all planned. The ANC never had any intention of improving South Africa – neither for Whites, nor Blacks – the Blacks now are sensing it, their only solution was transformation. Transformation is a code name for stripping Whites aka stealing via the law.

Food shortages are coming, they are actually here already. Inflation is kicking in big time and the masses will feel this, this will result in more burning of schools, hospitals and other state-owned properties.

It will spill out into a political fight and a tribal fight. All fighting for their own self-determination, which ironically they fought against during apartheid.

Another thing to consider is, who is going to build these schools?

Another tenderpreneur ANC member of course. So the total damage done, they estimate to be around R720 million but you can bet yourself the ANC profit from these burning of the schools. They do so to stimulate the economy via these acts of arson.

They can then steal in the name of rebuilding schools. The R720 million will turn into an R1-R2 billion rand project and they will in all likeliness be burnt down within a 3-5 year period when the real clashes begin.

The burning of these schools is part of tribalism, political and also for financial gain via tenders. No one has mentioned who`s going to build these schools and when the building begins, follow the money!

This is just the beginning!

When people are hungry, have no jobs, the few Rand they own seem to purchase fewer and fewer goods, hospitals collapsing, no Police, high crime, no electricity – well you have a recipe for disaster.

The disaster is not too far off now. When the EFF is attacked, you will see them within a very short timeframe begin fighting back or their members fighting back and when this happens, this will be the beginning of the end here.

They will be attacked during their political rallies. When they take a large section of ANC territory during this Municipal election. it will give them a false sense of winning the next general election. This loss will shock the ANC and panic mode will set in.

When the ANC members who have gotten rich from stealing in this country feel a loss of power, a loss of their future earnings, they will rush to line their pockets even faster and billions will go missing, projects will be started and not completed either.

Will they have to get rid of Zuma or will they have to deliver on their promises originally promised with the run up to the 1994 elections?

They will also resort to previous terrorist tactics against the EFF and I would not be surprised if a prominent EFF leader will be killed – perhaps Malema, and blame it on the Whites.

This scenario has already played out before in Rwanda.

The ANC will disrupt all EFF rallies after this Municipal election loss with the EFF and resort to using the ANC Youth League to disrupt rallies and so the fighting will begin. You cannot govern a country properly under these present conditions and add a major loss at the Municipal elections, they will not be able to fight the EFF and hope to govern a country.

The next two years are going to be the darkest and most dangerous times for the Whites. Whites will be attacked more and more, both politically and also murdered in all areas, now the fight moves to the suburbs.

The signs are everywhere now.

What will the Whites be doing during all this commotion?

Arming, uniting and preparing because if the Whites don’t regardless of language, they will be caught off guard and be attacked like they have been in every African country when two political parties are at each other’s throats. This pattern was repeated throughout Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia.

Know the signs, know the times, unite with your fellow man and prepare for what is coming.

‘Siener’ also mentioned another White vote at a time when a black Nationalist Movement or party begins – perhaps this will lead to a vote from the Whites.

The liberals will be silent and many of them turning now, many of them will turn in the coming months!

The pick ax going over this nation that Van Rensburg spoke about will, I believe happen within 2 years after their Municipal loss. The ANC will resort to nationalizing everything to prevent the EFF coming to power and also due to financial problems.

They created the whip (EFF) and are using it on their arses to move faster in implementing what they always intended to do.

Again, this is my interpretation of the situation on the ground at present and how I see things panning out.

It’s no point looking back and saying ” We should have done this or that”, we have to project forward and see the various outcomes that may happen based on previous political issues in Africa and make a plan.

Once you have done this, then you can begin making a plan. The Whites need to plan now, either you plan your future or your future will be decided by either the EFF or ANC – neither of them offering anything better than the present Zimbabwe or the rest of Africa, in fact, it could be worse here than in most other African countries due to the diversity of black tribes in this country.

The old saying “You can take a horse to the water but you cannot make it drink” well, this nation can choose! Wait for your fate or prepare for your future.

We have the signs, you see the situation, what do you do? Do you continue hoping for the best and with each waking day see more and more of what you once loved destroyed, your future bleaker while watching DSTV and hoping we win another rugby match?

I will leave you with one last word. Any plan is better than no plan! Start planning, start thinking.


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SOURCE;  stopwhitegenocideinsa


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