DA protects corrupt officer in Mossel Bay despite of court ruling

Although he has already been convicted of fraud, corruption, money laundering and violations of the Municipal Finance Management Act in a court, Marius Botha, Mossel Bay’s chief financial officer, is still in his post.

The DA manages this municipality, and now it appears that they try to protect Botha despite the court ruling and the fact that his employment contract explicitly states that his services will be terminated if he is found guilty of a criminal offense. At the time of his appointment on December 1, 2014, the case was already under way.

Opposition parties demand that Botha is dismissed summarily, but the municipality gave Botha until Tuesday to state reasons why the particular clause should not be implemented and will then be discussed at a subsequent board meeting.

Questions are asked how the DA could appoint him while the case was already pending and why he is still in his post despite his conviction.

Source:  Die Vryburger

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