DA member baked cake for ANC birthday bash

Of all the stories about the ANC‚ this one has got to take the cake.

As it turns out‚ the ruling party sought help from a member of the opposition to help it celebrate its 106th birthday in East London in the Eastern Cape on Saturday.

Nadine Taylor from East London raised eyebrows on social media after she boasted on Facebook with the 152 cm cake she had baked for the ANC’s birthday bash.

The baker‚ a proud DA member‚ said she was approached by two of her customers who are ANC members to do the job.

“I am the baker. It didn’t hit me until I was actually doing it because I didn’t realise the magnitude [of the cake]. I felt very honoured to be selected as I didn’t expect it to be such a huge job. I was asked to quote by two of my very good customers and I quoted and‚ before I knew it‚ I was baking the cake‚” said Taylor.

“The cake is made up of two layers and each layer had eight cakes‚ so in total it was 16 individual cakes‚ which I stuck together to make the large cake. It took me … 20 to 25 hours to add everything together.”

Taylor would not divulge how much dough she earned as it is a confidential matter between herself and the ANC.

“I’m just trying to be objective‚ as my company should be‚ as possible. My customers are my customers and it doesn’t matter who you are‚” she added.

“Every single one of my customers are treated with the same amount of respect … Yes‚ it was a very important cake but‚ for me‚ I put all I am into each one of my cakes because it is my reputation.”

Her husband‚ Gareth Bowen Taylor‚ accompanied her to the stadium on Saturday in their Nissan x-Trail SUV to deliver the vanilla‚ chocolate and caramel treat.

The ANC took its annual January 8 statement to the Buffalo City Stadium‚ where newly elected party leader Cyril “Buffalo” Ramaphosa delivered his first presidential speech after his victory at the national conference in December.

DA national spokesperson Phumzile van Damme said as far as she is concerned‚ no member of the DA is barred from doing business with the opposition‚ so long as it’s in his/her personal capacity.

“The DA is not engaged in cake politics. There are far greater issues facing the country at this moment and we are focused on the work we do in parliament to hold government accountable to ensure that (President) Jacob Zuma is removed from power‚” Van Damme said.

“If it’s a private business‚ we will have to consider what the facts are but generally on principle‚ we don’t have any policy where it says: ‘If you are a DA member‚ you shall not engage in any business with the ANC or the EFF‚’ but we would have to consider the circumstances on a case-by-case basis‚” Van Damme said.

The ANC could not be immediately reached for comment.

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