DA Leader Mmusi Maimane Hell Bent On Decolonising DA

Helen Zille and Mmusi Maimane in better times

The DA’s leader Mmusi Maimane seems to have jumped the gun a bit on a suspension notice to his predecessor Helen Zille. According to him, yesterday she was suspended forthwith, but the note served to her gives her 72 hours to say why she shouldn’t be suspended.

This is of course in accordance to the DA’s own rulebook…but who expects the leader of the DA to know what is going on in the DA? Certainly not me.

Nevertheless Mmusi Maimane is apparently upset that the White Madam did not apologise enough and lick his black feet for her Twitter tweet that colonialism was not entirely bad.

Previously, DA MP Dianne Kohler Barnard’s membership was terminated at the end of October after she shared a Facebook post from journalist Paul Kirk, in which he praised former apartheid president PW Botha.

The DA is just a bunch of hypocritical libtard vipers. The whole damn lot.

Helen Zille stepped aside in 2015 to let Mmusi Maimane, a “Black Face”, lead the party. It didn’t really matter who led the DA as long it was a “Black Face”.

Reason being that they want to attract black voters who shun them. The only reason that the DA is as strong as it is, is because of the white colonial and coloured vote. The DA refuses point blank to admit that Blacks want nothing to do with them. For the last 23 years blacks would rather keep on voting for the criminally corrupt ANC than ever vote for the “White” DA.

The DA has pushed many “Black Faces” forward like the fiasco with Dr. Mamphela Ramphele where Auntie Zille was willing to bend over backwards just so that Ramphele would take the reins. Of course Zille felt extremely betrayed when Mamphela Ramphele shunned her, went back on her word and rather started Agang, the kakkest choice of a name for a political party in the history of names of political parties.

Treadmill queen, Lindiwe Mazibuko

Then there was the “white male hating” treadmill queen Lindiwe Mazibuko, same age as Mmusi Maimane, who willingly chose to leave the DA for her current position as a resident fellow of the Harvard Institute of Politics in the US, named after the “white colonial male” John Harvard who found it in the Colonial time of 1636.

Said Masibuko in an opinion piece for BDLive: “…the almost exclusive dominance of white males within the party’s ‘brains trust’ which was beginning to harm its external image as these highly disconnected men callously strut about social media like a law unto themselves”.

Mmusi Maimane is not much different. He doesn’t like Auntie Zille. Fine… there are a lot of white people in the DA who told me that she is not an easy person to work with. Black people hate her guts. Blacks in Pretoria tell Helen Zille: “Voetsek you white bitch”

What people forget is that Mmusi Maimane is a reverend, a preacher at the Liberty Church of South Africa. Mmusi Maimane’s homophobic church

Mmusi Maimane and his colonial wife Natalie

Mmusi Maimane holds a Masters in Theology from that colonial university, in Bangor, in north Wales. He is married to a white colonial English woman, Natalie and has two half colonial kids with her. I wonder why he chose a white colonial woman? Was there something wrong with black women?

Also…what a lot of people don’t know is that he is a big friend of Julius Malema, the utter racist leader of the EFF who wants to kill all white colonial people in SA, except of course Maimane’s white colonial wife that he would like to share.

Nevertheless, the whole DA was founded and funded by white colonialists. If colonialism was all bad, then Maimane should dissolve the DA completely and give all the donor money back to the Oppenheimers. Everything else is just bullshit covering.

If Maimane has such a problem with colonialism, then why does he use the colonial English language? Why is he not concerned about Zulu colonization of Natal where they genocided two million other blacks during the Mfecane?

Why is he not upset about the Xhosa colonization of the Eastern Cape where they drove out the San and Khoi-Khoi? Why is he not concerned about the current Xhosa colonization of the Western Cape in places like Imizamo Yethu (Hout Bay), Masiphumelele (Fish Hoek) and Lwanle/Nomzamo (Strand/Somerset West) where they are driving out the whites and coloureds?

Last year Mmusi Maimane said in Dobsonville Stadium in Soweto: “I voted for Madiba in 1994 because the ANC was better when Nelson Mandela was at the helm of the party.”

I wonder how that could be possible seeing that Maimane was born in 1980, in 1994, the only time Mandela stood for an election, Maimane would only have been 14 yo and certainly not old enough to vote.

Lying piece of shit. No wonder Kenny Kunene called him a “Glorified Garden boy” and a “Fucken political cockroach“.

By Mike Smith
4th of June 2017

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