Community Hall Joe Slovo in Cape Town torched – protesters crossed the boundary of barbarism

Another community hall went up in flames after protesters crossed the boundary of barbarism and set the place on fire.

After Bloemfontein’s city hall was destroyed last week, this time it was the turn of the Joe Slovo Community Hall in Milnerton, Cape Town.

A resident with unique insight said to the media that burning the hall would do not offer any solutions. In fact, the community now has a dilemma, because during the school holidays children were taken care of and fed while parents were at work. Now that community facility has been destroyed.

The hall was burned by illegal squatters. They erected illegal zinc huts in school grounds. When the illegal structures were removed by the government, they burnt the hall in revenge.

Two other buildings were also burnt, and vehicles of innocent passers-by were stoned.

Source: Die Vryburger

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