Colonel Shebeen on Gupta Chicken parade

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This is Colonel Shebeen on Gupta Chicken parade. Next, he will do the Leopard crawl before his masters, the Guptas.
You know what this means?
It means that the Guptas control our army, because they just appointed their servant as a fulltime Colonel in the SANDF, without any military background, with a salary of R60 000 a month.
Shame what a pay cut. At Eskom, he got R800 000 per month for being a Gupta teaboy, actually a Gupta whore.
Molefe is working in a specialised financial unit within the SANDF i.e. he is not working as an “operational Colonel”.  There are a number of people within the SANDF in exactly the same non-rank qualified position, eg doctors, lawyers, etc.
Whether or not Molefe is qualified in anything at all, except aiding and abetting stealing, we have no idea.
Another area of concern is that as a reserve force member he is being granted so much paid callup time. There are tremendous budget constraints and the reserves on average are restricted to way less than 15 days a month.   15 is the absolute maximum.
Bear in mind they are not permanent force members. So the issue with the time granted to Molefe is very questionable.

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